Swig adds second location to St. George

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College students can gather and hang out at Swig’s new location on the St. George Boulevard, which opened on March 22.

Swig is a drive-thru drink and snack shop that has a variety of items on its menu. One of the main products that Swig sells is flavored drinks. Customers may order a basic fountain drink and add a number of different flavors to the soda.

Swig first opened on the corner of Tabernacle and 1000 East, just above Dixie State University’s Testing Center. Now, it will also be located at the corner of 300 West and St. George Boulevard. Both the owners and DSU students seem to be  excited for the new store opening.

“We are expanding to another location because the store has become extremely busy, and we wanted to relieve some of the congestion at Swig 1,” said Nicole Tanner, who co-owns Swig with her husband.   

Tanner said she and her husband are building the new store to attract people from places such as Dammeron Valley, Ivins and Santa Clara. They also believe the new location on the Boulevard will help with exposure.

Tanner said: “It seems like a lot of people already know about Swig. We have high hopes for the new store.”

Students on campus have begun to take notice to the popularity of Swig.

“There are no other places like it,” said Heather Roundy, a junior dental hygiene major from Richfield. “You don’t have to get out of your car to get a drink.”

Haley Jeffery, a sophomore radiology major from Delta, likes many things about Swig.

“It’s not super expensive,” Jeffery said. “Plus the sugar cookies are amazing.”

Tanner said staffing at Swig changes frequently, and she is always looking for new applicants. She said most of the employees are students at DSU.

“It’s fun, and it’s quick and fast-paced,” Swig employee Michelle Cracroft said.

If you don’t know what to order at Swig, feel free to ask an employee. The employees are willing to help offer some ideas.

Swig is a social place, Cracroft said, if you are looking for college students, it is a great place to find them. 

Swig is a place to try different kinds of flavoring for fountain drinks. A popular style is to order a drink “dirty”, which means to add coconut flavoring. Each student can find his or her favorite.

Tanner’s favorite is a “dirty” half Diet Dr. Pepper and half Diet Coke with a lemon; Roundy’s favorite is a “dirty” Dr Pepper; Jeffery’s favorite is the lemonade; and Cracroft’s favorite is a “dirty” Diet Dr Pepper.

Students interested in working at Swig may apply online at http://www.swigstop.com.