Author finds healing power through love

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Love is the leader of all emotion; it is powerful, active and demanding of our full attention.

This emotion has the power to heal not only our emotional wounds, but also to heal us physically and spiritually.

A loving touch may start out as superficial, but the result can be a moving way to heal someone.

I have studied massage and have given and received them. The practice of moving muscles and releasing toxins from the body is as healing to the therapist as it is to the person on the table. 

The space demands, at the very least, the love of oneself in order to be effective. Anger and resentment cannot reside in the same place. This is only one reason this type of love can heal.

My most recent personal experience was taking care of my brother who was diagnosed with cancer last May. I brought him home to live with me in hopes that I could use the practice of massage, among many things, to help him heal.

The result for him was that he became more physically comfortable and was able to rest. He told me that he knew he was loved simply because I was willing to touch his  feet.

The result for me was moving and profound. I had a deeper understanding of what giving and recieving love was meant to feel like

There are many options for turning to love to heal our emotional being. I do not profess to be an expert. But, of the many I have tried, the following work the best for me.

The most effective solution has been to step out of myself and administer a loving gesture to someone who needs it more than I think I do. There is no shortage of humans who need a hug, a pat on the back, or just a kind word. This action speaks volumes and stops me from thinking only of myself.

Turning to a trusted friend who is willing to listen and give truthful feedback can also be an option.

Spiritual love and healing is probably the vastest of them all.There are many ways humans seek spirituality, such as prayer, meditation through yoga or just sitting quietly.

The belief in a greater power than ourselves is a pursuit that spans our lives. The most profound people of our time have professed to being healed by way of spirituality. 

In my most desperate of times, I have tried this, and it has never failed. When no human hands, arms or eyes are available, this attempt has proven to be tried and true.

Five years ago I found myself in a place of asking what life is really all about. Is there real purpose to this journey? Is there a force out there that wants more from me than just a human experience?

I recieved my answer loud and clear, and that is when I began to write. There was no burning bush or strike of lightning. There was just a gentle urging and a deep knowing.

I wrote for two years about my life growing up, my family, my heritage and my struggles.

Following this prompting and finding this inner talent healed many parts of me and remains to this day the most therapeutic and healing work of my life.

The quest for me is always reprieve from what ails me emotionally and physically. The surprise is always finding out a little more about love. 

Love is action, and this is your call. Express love to someone. You may or may not heal some part of them that is ailing, but this action will surely show you the love that already exists in you.