Chalk art competition canceled

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Though the rain washed away the chalk, it didn’t wash away the Dixie State University Student Association’s plans for D-Week.

Due to bad weather conditions, the D-Week kick-off, which involved clubs and students drawing with chalk by the fountain, was canceled.

“It was disappointing that the weather wasn’t good,” said DSUSA Social Chair Ashley Graf, a junior integrated studies major from St. George. “But the DSUSA isn’t going to let a little rain get in the way of D-Week.”

Many more activities are planned for D-Week, some of which are already indoors. Outdoor activities include the outdoor concert on Wednesday, breaking a world record on Thursday, the Great Race on Friday, and True Rebel Night on Saturday.

“None of our other activities are cancelled just yet,” said Mazie Ludlow, a junior communication major from Turlock, Calif., and DSUSA vice president of public relations. “If the weather gets too bad, we have other options in place.”

As the chalk drawing contest was canceled, no winner was chosen.

“We had some really good artists,” Graf said. “And those who participated did a great job. It just wouldn’t be fair to choose a winner at this time because not everyone got a chance to come out.”

Though the contest was canceled, the DSUSA has decided not to move the event to another day.

“We’ve got plenty of other events to look forward to for this week,” said Jordon Sharp, director of student involvement and leadership. “There’s at least one event every other day this week, and these events have taken months to plan. We don’t want to try to fit in something else as well.”