This Month with the President: “We are Dixie” unifies campus

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We elect a student body president every year to represent our school. Some still wonder, what exactly does the president do? Or what is his vision for Dixie State University? Each month, we will sit down with the president and discuss what he is doing to help our school.


The slogan “We Are Dixie” is taking on a new meaning this year with student government leaders. 

Student Body President Carlos Morgan, a senior communication major from Santa Clara, said his main goal is to have as much interaction with students as possible.

“I know they are the reason I am president, so I want to be able to make them happy with their choice,” Morgan said.

Morgan does not want to be the kind of president who has a “mightier than thou” attitude toward students.

“I want students to know that every student government member is just like them,” Morgan said. “We go to school, have homework and have jobs.”

A way Morgan is trying to reach the students is by passing out surveys on campus asking students what they want to see from the leaders they elected.

“We want input from the students about what they think about us and what they want to see happen,” Morgan said.

That is something last year’s student government really didn’t do, especially when it came to activities, Morgan said.

Last semester, a division was created on campus by the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert that was held here by the student government. Although some felt this was a good move, others felt his songs and lifestyle created an environment that did not represent DSU well. This is something that student government wants to avoid now.

That division is what inspired student government leaders to pick this year’s slogan, “We Are Dixie.”

“It is three words that are really powerful and have a lot of meaning,” Morgan said. “We want all of the students to embrace the new slogan.”

Morgan wants to move on from the past and make the campus united.

“We need to move forward together,” Morgan said. “That way we can confidently say together, ‘We Are Dixie.’”