Red Storm win second straight game

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The Dixie State University football team defeated Simon Fraser University 39-12 Saturday for its second consecutive win after a rough beginning to the 2013 season.

“[That win] is huge for us,” head coach Scott Brumfield said. “Our guys have played hard and worked hard. They went through a lot of adversity in the first three weeks of the season. I think a lot of guys were doubting them, and a lot of guys were doubting what we are doing.”

In the early minutes of DSU’s football game Saturday night, the Storm had already scored two touchdowns, and senior wide receiver Randon Willard and senior quarterback Griff Robles added 13 points onto the board.

Robles completed a pass to senior tight end Joe Don Duncan to score yet another touchdown minutes later. DSU went for a two-point conversion that was incomplete. This left the score 19-0 for Dixie.

Robles found Willard in the end zone for another six points just before halftime. The Clan went into the locker room with no points on the board and the Storm’s offense was running the game.

“I was impressed by how we came out swinging, and at halftime we basically just said, ‘Don’t let off the gas,’” said linebacker Robert Metz, a sophomore business major from Tucson, Ariz.

The Storm kept the momentum and continued in the second half. Robles ran in for a touchdown, followed by a 48-yard pass to Duncan in the first few minutes of the third quarter. Those plays brought the score to 39-0.

The Clan’s defense tried to stop the Storm but couldn’t hold them off.

It was the Storm’s defense in the Humboldt University game that couldn’t hold their opponents. Now, with some evident changes, things are looking up for this 2-3 team.

“[For this game] defensively, we are looking at a lot of things like formation and making sure everybody is in the right spots,” said outside linebacker Garland Munns, a junior integrated studies major from Garland. “Before, the things that were hurting us was guys being out of positions, and, because of that, teams were getting these big plays on us.

He said now these teams aren’t receiving those easy opportunities because they know where they need to be and they are doing their jobs.

The game ended 39-12 in favor of Dixie. The Clan’s record dropped to 2-2. Brumfield said this win is based off of no mistakes made early in the game.

“We just made so many mistakes earlier on in the year,” Brumfield said. “It’s just a matter of our guys and our coaching staff working hard and evaluating how we are doing in practice, meetings and everything we do. We have made a few changes, and now we need to keep continuing to work hard and getting better.”

Munns said this win feels good because SFU is a good team and practice went well in preparation for this game. He said the Storm had a good game plan and they came out and executed it.

 “We believed in ourselves, we believed in what we are doing, and we came out and had two great weeks,” Brumfield said. “Now we have to keep going.”

The Storm will now take on Central Washington University Saturday. In order to win, Munns said they will have to keep themselves in check.

“We have to make sure guys know their assignments, make sure they know their checks, and make sure guys are in the right spots,” Munns said. “We have all the guys to make plays, and the coaches are getting us ready. We are just going to keep doing the same stuff that works. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

He said if the Storm keep doing those things, they will keep rolling. 

Dixie takes on CWU at 2 p.m. Saturday at Tomlinson Stadium in Ellensburg, Wash.