Storm suffer fourth loss against Wolves

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Western Oregon University took control of Dixie State University during their battle Saturday night, defeating the Storm 46-34.

WOU took the lead early in the first five minutes of the game, leading the Storm 7-0. Dixie returned with powerful drives but couldn’t execute. As a result, junior kicker Dillon Bishoff booted a 23-yard field goal.

“What hurt us [the last time we played WOU] was our failure to execute,” said head coach Scott Brumfield. “We really needed to focus on our execution and third downs.”

The ball bounced off one of WOU’s players later during a punt and into the grasp of Dixie’s freshman defensive back DeShawn Perkins, who recovered the ball. That play resulted in a touchdown for the Storm. The connection between senior quarterback Griff Robles and senior wide receiver Randon Willard in the end zone brought the score to 20-10, but DSU still had points to earn to take a lead.

Another big play was made a few minutes later by junior defensive back Zac Christian, who intercepted the ball and returned possession back to the Storm. That move was then followed by a 15-yard penalty due to a DSU player spinning the ball on the ground after the play.

Brumfield said one of the biggest things the Storm had to control was eliminating turnovers for the Wolves — and that is what DSU did.

The Wolves managed to stay ahead the rest of the game. DSU had a chance to tie it in the fourth quarter but couldn’t get into the end zone.

WOU returned with another touchdown to end the game with the score 46-34. Dixie lost its second game in a row after two consecutive wins.

DSU is 0-44 in games in which its opponents have scored more than 35 points. If the Storm had won this game, they would have broken that streak.

“We are just looking forward to Humboldt now,” said linebacker Robert Metz, a sophomore business major from Tucson, Ariz. “Hopefully we can achieve the same results as last time.”

Dixie is now preparing for its Homecoming game against Humboldt State University Saturday. The Storm beat HSU 49-24 the last time they met in Arcata, Calif. The Storm hope to achieve the same results this week in front of their home crowd.

“The men are getting better and better every week,” Brumfield said. “We just have to come out and get after it.”

The Storm will play HSU at 6 p.m. Saturday at Hansen Stadium.