Raising debt ceiling just makes more room to drown

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We live in the most selfish country in the entire world.

Another depression is coming; it’s brewing and hiding where the common man won’t find it. The generation preceding my own has completely changed my life and my children’s lives forever. Thanks to all their credit, credit, credit, we’re heading down, down, down.

The American people were given a temporary bandage Thursday when the congressional Republicans “saved” the country from many hard economic repercussions, and the shutdown was laid to rest. 

I know it’s not over. The raising of the debt ceiling will drown all of us.

Politics are so political. It’s easy for someone to point his or her finger at President Barack Obama, the Senate, the House, a Republican, a Democrat, you name it. What we don’t realize is that money is the real culprit.

Republicans and Democrats need to deal with the situation at hand, NOW. The $70 trillion debt that’s being extracted isn’t going to work itself out, nor should it be left on the back burner. This is a mathematical fact, not some campaign, not someone’s opinion. Neither Democrat nor Republican will step up.

Money is the root of all political evil. The U.S. Congress isn’t doing what’s right because it will lose its funding. Congress is incapable of making tough decisions on all the hot political topics that include health care and taxation because it knows it will lose its money and power. 

Our country needs a leader who will be honest and tell the American people we can’t go on like this. Instead of pretending to work with Congress on these topics, President Obama needs to abandon them and move forward, taking money and corruption out of the picture.

Once the American people are aware of how screwed up the banking system is, they will have no problem with offshore money coming in and helping us build our businesses back up.

How bad does it have to get? How old do we have to be to start caring about this? When we start having children? When our children go to college? 2017?

College students need to be focused and in tune with what’s happening in the political world.  No matter what happens, it’s going to shape the rest of our lives forever. At the rate our political system is running right now, the weak will likely starve during the depression that’s heading our way.