Homecoming week could use improvement

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Many students at Dixie State University forget how exciting Homecoming really is.

Throughout the course of students’ busy lives, it is easy to just let things pass by.

I’m here to tell you to wake up and attend the events. Homecoming Week for DSU isn’t picture perfect, but it doesn’t mean we can’t improve, right?

There is something special about Homecoming Week, and it seems most of the students perceive it as just another week but with more activities. The event coordinators could do a better job at creating that week of spirit; advertise it as one of the most special weeks for Dixie because it is!

Though we already have the exciting True Rebel and painting “D” road (the road in front of the Burns Arena) as part of a Dixie State University traditions, I would like to see more traditions like those during Homecoming Week. If students have things like that to look forward to every year, how could they not be excited about Homecoming?

What I would like to see this year is more student involvement, which is what the student government is trying to do.

People will come out to things where they can just sit back and have a good time, such as events like the Date Doctor.

As part of Homecoming Week, student government is trying to unify the school and the community in one big, week-long event. If we have more exciting events like the Date Doctor or comedians — which are the ones that have been the most successful in the past — more people will come to the events. If people enjoy the event they have attended, they will most likely come to the next event.

Another thing we could improve this Homecoming is the Halloween dance. Though last year’s dance was fun, the DJ only played songs he liked, and when people would request songs he didn’t like, he would shut them down. 

Southern Utah University has pulled off dances with face painting and live animals. Activities that are as exciting as those would get more students involved.

Looking for areas to improve Homecoming is not an easy task. We can’t overlook how successful the week is becoming. DSUSA has pulled off exciting events in the past and has actually started to increase student involvement. Student government has put in excruciating amounts of time to give back to the school they love and have created a week many students look forward to, but there are always areas of improvement to make this week more successful.