Halloween distracting, not worth effort

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Halloween is more a trick than a treat.

Every Oct. 31, people all over America dress up in costumes, go to parties or go door to door collecting candy. While these people are out and about, I sit in my house; pass out candy to witches, Power Rangers and Buzz Lightyears; and then go to a cliché costume party.

The parties are where my dislike of Halloween starts. I am all for getting together with friends and socializing. My problem is the multiple costume parties that are held within a 30-day period. These parties are filled with people who for one day decide not to act their age and be something they are not.

Don’t get me wrong; some costumes are creative, but most are overdone, or, if you are a woman, a little slutty. How many naughty nurses, policewomen or cats parade around America on this day?

Not only do people wear their costumes to their parties, but they also tend to wear them to school and work.

Wearing your costumes to school is OK when you are in elementary school, but after that it is a little ridiculous. Costumes, depending on what they are, can cause a distraction, and maybe that is what the people are going for. I don’t pay to go to school to see your costumes. I pay to go to school to get an education, and it’s hard to focus if you have a zombie sitting beside you in class.

I am naturally a jumpy person. I scare easily, so while some people might think it is fun to go to a haunted corn maze, the thought sends me into an automatic anxiety attack.

Call me a horrible person or a holiday hater, but I just can’t celebrate a day based on scaring people and dressing up. So here I sit, counting down the days until Nov. 1 rolls around, and all the costumes, parties and candy go away.