Successful professionals inspire Dixie State students

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The Dixie State University Student Alumni Association and Career Center found a way to motivate students by bringing DSU graduates in to talk about their professional successes.

The Career Conversations event was Thursday, and it focused on the visual technology and computer information technology career fields. The speakers who attended were Jeff Poulton representing Rocketmade, Colby Remund representing Sorenson Advertising, Josh Bevans representing Steamroller Copies, Terrel Bird representing TCN, Scott Hoopes representing Velocity Web Works, and Alex Armstrong representing Wilson Electronics.

“The professionals talked about their experiences in the industry, what they look for in future employees, and advice they had for applying,” said Lindsey Christensen, Career Center internship coordinator. “I think the most important thing they talked about was experience. They basically said to go out and do something.”

Christensen said the Career Conversations were created to help students start building their network and rub shoulders with potential future employers.

“The presenters were great,” she said. “They were entertaining and very knowledgeable. They gave great advice to the students in attendance.”

Buck Glauser, a sophomore accounting major from St. George, said one thing that stood out to him was the support the presenters gave to attendees about gaining their own experience instead of just depending on an internship.

He said the employees of the companies bring in new workers to improve the company and make the company shine. The companies want to see what the students can do and see if they have the potential to help the company grow instead of just being there to learn.

Each representative gave students inspiration to fulfill goals, and Glauser and Christensen both believe these events are very beneficial.

“It is important for students to attend because students are always worried about employment after graduation,” Christensen said. “This is a great way to meet individuals who could educate them on the employment opportunities out there.”

Glauser said the event shows Dixie students that success can come from being educated at Dixie State.

Glauser also said it was interesting when every speaker talked about students needing to finish their educations here at Dixie State. Poulton specifically said DSU has great facilities, including the best computer labs in the state and talented professors. He also said St. George is a great place to find a job because it is a growing market, and there is a lot more room for growth.

The event ended with refreshments and a 30-minute Q-and-A session.

The next Career Conversations event is Dec. 5 at 7 p.m. at the Alumni House. This event is for communication majors, but everyone is welcome. Students can plan on it being an hour-long event with a Q-and-A session and refreshments.