Pinterest Project: Craft photo pinwheel with little time, cost

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Pinterest constantly gives me the worst case of cognitive dissonance.

While most of the links I pin are about living healthy, I am occasionally naughty and pin a link that’s about the best movies on Netflix or the newest Paula Dean bread pudding recipe with extra chocolate, extra butter and extra sugar.

I chose the photo pinwheel project because not only did it stop me from cheating on my diet, but I also enjoy decorating my apartment on a budget. Plus, I already had most of the needed materials lying around my place. 

While the link didn’t include instructions (be careful of the dead-end pins), the photos were instruction enough.

Overall, this project was satisfying. It turned out to be functional and modern. Looking back, I wish I wouldn’t have painted the cardboard, or painted it a lighter color. If you do decide to paint it, I recommend waiting until it dries completely until you start gluing the clothespins on. I got a little eager, and I ended up waiting twice as long for everything to dry completely. 



-One large-ish piece of cardboard (mine was about the size of my end table, but you can go as small as a shoebox if you’d like)

-Clothespins (about 30, depending on the size of the cardboard)


-Glue (wood glue or fabric glue works best)

-Paint (optional)




1) Cut a circle out of the cardboard. (Mine was about 20 inches in diameter.) Cut out another circle so there is a hole in the middle.

2) optional: Paint the cardboard and let it dry. 

3) Once the paint is dry, glue clothespins around the outer edge of the circle, leaving only a small space between them. 

4) Pinch your photos in the clothespins, hang and enjoy.