Fitness studio The Underground sports energetic, colorful vibe

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Hearts are pounding to the blaring music in the over-sized, neon-lit, graffiti-covered room.


This is not a nightclub. This is The Underground.


The Underground is a brand-spanking-new group fitness boutique, located on 413 S. Dixie Drive, that opened its doors Feb. 3. The quirky new location offers Zumba, Barre and Kettlebell classes in a high-energy, colorful, alternative setting. You can learn more about the classes at undergroundfitnessevolved.com.


The Underground allows first-timers to join a class for free, and Wednesday classes are discounted at $5 for Dixie State University students.


The Underground owners Charles and Andrea Riggs said they strive to provide an original experience for everyone who enters the vibrant location.  


“The Underground is about group fitness,” Charles Riggs said. “We’re really unique because of our space. We have a 5,000-square-foot floor, we have a stage, and our floor is a floating floor. So it’s actually a wood floor that floats on top of padding, so there is some give to it, and it’s better on your joints.”


Charles Riggs makes a conscious effort to warmly greet every visitor and be more personal than the run-of-the-mill fitness instructor.


“(People) come here and they’re a part of The Underground — a part of the family,” Charles Riggs said. “All of our customers we know by name and at least a little bit about them and their story.”


Kola Weisbrich, a senior communication major from Inyokern, Calif., has experienced the warm and fuzzy feelings The Underground seems to generate.


“I think the whole atmosphere is different,” Weisbrich said. “I think the people that come are fun and accepting, and they just come for the workout and that personal experience. It feels like a big family.”


Weisbrich said she wants others to let go of their inhibitions and give The Underground classes a try.


“They turn off all the lights so you don’t have to feel concerned that everyone is going to see you,” Weisbrich said. “We’re all in there acting like idiots anyway, and it’s great. It’s just having fun and dancing, and we all look silly.”


Andrea Riggs said she and her husband opened The Underground with hopes to generate a sense of community within the boutique.


“We love fitness,” Andrea Riggs said. “We love helping people. Anyone is welcome here, not just people who look good at the gym. We want people with any shape, size, ethnicity, race or religion to come.”


Andrea Riggs encouraged people to take advantage of the first-time free pass and try out a class.


“We just want to spread love, health and fitness,” Andrea Riggs said. “This is a non-intimidating place to do it. It’s a fun place to work out. It’s a place to let go of your worries, and a byproduct of that is that you start looking better.”