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Fit n’ Pretty: Four fitness mistakes that impair health

I went through a phase in seventh grade where I would wear ponchos and Ed Hardy apparel weekly, and I also ate at a sketchy Asian buffet last month.   What I’m trying to say is that sometimes I make very questionable decisions.   Whether the poor decisions revolve around unfortunate fashion choices or what […]

Five things you ask yourself during the last weeks of the semester

Five things you ask yourself during the last weeks of the semester: 1. Why do six page papers happen to good people? 2. So what’s the lowest acceptable grade I can get on the final to still pass this class?3. How late is Del Taco open?4. Will anyone notice that I’ve worn these jeans for eight […]

Simple tips thicken wallet, usher new semester in

I used to hold my breath every time the Walmart cashier would swipe my debit card. I was beyond broke for my first two years at Dixie State University. I was constantly driving around with my gaslight on, paying for coffee in dimes and refusing to buy books for school. Luckily, now I’m older, wiser […]

Fit n’ Pretty: Scale not always health terrorist

I’ve had a turbulent relationship with an object that sits on my bathroom floor. I’ve praised this thing, despised it, been terrified of it; I’ve had everything but a healthy relationship with the bathroom scale. Let me preface this by saying I almost stopped writing about this topic four times because of a fear that […]

Five things that happen to the best of us this time of year

Five things that happen to the best of us this time of year: 1. Gaining six pounds. Those burritos and peppermint squares were bound to catch up to you sometime. 2. Bombing a test. You thought your unswerving self confidence would make up for the fact that you didn’t study at all. It didn’t. 3. […]

Students celebrate Japanese culture in re-vamped club

Sitting around a table strewn with origami Pikachus and exotic, colorful candy, it’s clear what’s occurring – it’s the Japanese Culture Club in its natural habitat. The Japanese Culture Club was revamped last year by Chanel Lopez, a sophomore communication major from St. George, who took the reins of the club and has transformed it […]

Five best November cliches

1. Boots and scarves. You’re not that cold, but it’s fall and you’ve been waiting all year to wear this. 2. Hot drinks. You are not the biggest pumpkin spice latte fan, but the Starbucks barista insisted.  3. Staying in. Who needs socializing when there’s sweats and Netflix? 4. Holiday decoration. Sure Christmas isn’t for […]

Fit n’ Pretty: Fall ushers in top 5 beauty products

We’re approaching the season where ruby lipstick and endless shades of golden eye shadow are accepted, nay encouraged, and it’s time to dive right in. I’m talking about the holiday season. Blame it on the craze of the pumpkin spice latte or all the glitzy holiday parties, but it’s the most glorious time for beauty […]

Five signs your adultness has taken all the fun out of Halloween

Five signs your adultness has taken all the fun out of Halloween: 1- You have no idea who this Elsa person is or why everyone is dressing up as her. 2- You really don’t feel good about all the scandalous costumes at Target this year. 3- Your heart can’t take haunted corn mazes or the […]

Five people you will inevitably run into during Homecoming Week

1- The people with the plan. They know all the events by exact date, time, location. Their eagerness tends to scare people. 2- The people who have no idea what’s going on. “Which building is the       Gardner again?” 3- The people who are just trying to survive. They appreciate Homecoming and all, but […]