Students name favorite places to eat near campus

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Dixie State University students have a lot of options when it comes to superb places to eat on or near campus. 

Not only are there multiple food choices within miles of campus, but there are also on-campus food options such as Stacks, Infusion, Red Rock Cafe and The Beast.

Here are some of Dixie students’ go-to food stops that are close to or on campus:


Buffalo Wild Wings


“B-Dubs” is a sports bar located on 270 S. River Road that specializes in wings. It opened at the end of last year, and college students are loving its delicious wings, not only for taste, but also for low prices. A lot of Dixie students have traditions to visit Buffalo Wild Wings every Tuesday or Thursday for their 60-cent wings.

“My favorite place to grub is, of course, B-Dubs,” said Steven Madsen, a junior business major from Redding, Calif. “Wings are life. Tuesdays are the day to go.”

Standout menu item: Boneless Barbecue Wings.




Durango’s Mexican Grill is located on 245 Red Cliffs Drive. It sells Burrangos, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, salads and soups. It is similar to Café Rio, but it has lower prices on most items.

“One of my favorite places to eat that is close to campus is Durango’s; their salads are fantastic,” said Emily Tanner, a junior nursing major from St. George. “It is also pretty cheap compared to other Mexican food.” 

Standout menu item: Chicken Salad



Stacks is located in the Jeffrey R. Holland Centennial Commons building. It is very close to the library and studying area, so it is conveniently placed for students wanting to take a break from studying and grab a snack without even leaving the building. 

“My favorite item here at Stacks is our cookies,” said John Collier, a sophomore graphic design major from St. George and an employee at Stacks. “They’re gooey and delicious.”

Standout menu item: Chipotle Turkey Melt




Judd’s General Store sells soup, bread sticks, ice cream and old fashioned candy. Judd’s is located on 62 W. Tabernacle.

“Judd’s is excellent; I always get their soup and breadsticks,” said Allie Poulson, a freshman health science major from Eden. “The atmosphere is also very fun. I like the old-fashion style.” 

Standout menu item: Breadsticks




Infusion is a cafe located on the first floor of the Holland building. The menu includes smoothies, bakery items, coffee and other to-go snacks and drinks. 

“The house-made bagels at Infusion are bomb,” said Ian Parkinson, a sophomore health science major from American Fork. “It is also very close to where I spend a lot of my time, so it is convenient.”

Standout menu item: Bagels