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This year’s DSU graduation class diverse, full of firsts

With Dixie State University becoming a university for the first year, a diverse graduating class is in the picture of Dixie’s 103rd commencement ceremony. The 2014 commencement ceremony will be held at the Burns Arena May 2 at 10 a.m. Family and friends of fall, spring and summer graduates will gather together to celebrate the […]

Good roommates make good influence

A perfect roommate is hard to come by; but if you find one, keep him or her around. My roommate, Tarah Michelle Kershaw, is one of my long-time friends. All of the nights we spent together sitting on the couch looking at Facebook memes and laughing uncontrollably are what make a great roommate. She and […]

Students fail to ‘pop’ world record

Although it was unsuccessful, 592 people helped make the “Breaking a World Record” event a good time. Dixie State University students and community members gathered to break the world record Thursday in the Burns Arena. Hundreds of party poppers, as well as cake and free T-shirts, were given to attendees. There was a shortage of […]

Embarrassment doesn’t exist for some DSU students

My confidence depends on who I’m with. If I’m with crazy people who have a lot of confidence, I will too. But if I’m with people who get embarrassed easily, I usually lack confidence. But there have been some people I’ve seen on campus who have a lot of guts to do something weird in […]

Vocalists belt out new tradition

Dixie State University students are using their vocal skills to compete for $500 in the first-ever Dixie Idol. The first Dixie Idol round took place April 2 in the Gardner Center, where musically talented students competed for the hefty chunk of change. “I think Dixie Idol will turn into a great tradition at Dixie,” said […]

Racy content decenstizes viewers

As Hollywood continues to go downhill, people need to keep their guard up. It’s sad to see how TV and movie standards have gone down. Sexual content, harsh language and violence in the film industry is becoming more and more acceptable every year. I recall being a child and watching TV shows such as “The […]

Some just naturally good at school

Natural talent is a necessary trait for success that many aren’t blessed with. Some students seem to effortlessly earn perfect grades and perfect tests scores. Learning comes naturally to them and everything seems easy. Other students really work their butts off to get decent grades, and they struggle to overcome procrastination and understand difficult subjects.  […]

From hitchhiking to exploring Africa, professors share adventures

Some students at Dixie State University may say their professors are boring, but if students dig deeper, they may discover some amazing stories.   Most students go to class, gather information and leave. They don’t think much about their professors’ lives outside the classroom. The Dixie Sun News looked deeper into the life stories of […]

Women politicians speak on campus, emphasize importance of passion, involvement

Highly opinionated, local female politicians spoke out about how getting women involved in politics can better our country, state and town.   “Women in Politics,” an event sponsored by the Women’s Resource Program at Dixie State University, was held March 19 in the Boeing Auditorium in the Udvar-Hazy Building. This event was held in honor […]

Healthy comes before skinny

  Healthy is the new skinny — or at least it should be.    Dieting, thigh-gaps and skipping meals are too often spoken of in the average woman’s college apartment. But this is not what truly matters.    There is so much pressure to have a slim figure when, in reality, there are much more important […]