Pinterest Project: Christmas lights make delightful, inexpensive apartment decorations

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An entertaining and convenient cure for spring fever is crafting an inexpensive piece of new home décor.

While browsing Pinterest, I came across a picture of a dorm room that was decorated with photos clothespinned to various strands of Christmas lights. This simple, inexpensive project is a unique way of displaying photos in a college apartment with decorative limitations. 

I thought the materials would be cheap and easy to find, so I decided to try it out and give my bedroom a bit of a spring makeover.

This project is perfect for a college apartment or dorm because it’s very simple to assemble and take down without causing any damage to the walls. 

This isn’t just for college apartments with strict decoration rules. I hung this project in the bedroom of my home, and I love it. 

You’ll need clear push pins, clothespins, photo prints and three strands of Christmas lights. They can be plain, decorative or a combination of both.

I used one strand of plain lights that I already had at home leftover from the Christmas decorations, and I hung two strands of the fancier flower lights between the spaces.

The hardest part of this project was finding string lights during the non-Christmas season. After striking out at Wal-Mart, Target and Michael’s Arts and Crafts, I finally found a variation of the string lights at Lowe’s.



1) String the lights across a wall, making sure the power cord on each strand of lights can reach an electrical outlet. Secure the ends of each strand with a clear push pin between the cords of the lights. 

Tip: Use the least amount of pins possible to minimize wall damage. 

2) Once the lights are hung, attach the photos to the light strands using clothespins.  Space the photos however close or far apart as you prefer. 

3) Plug in the light strand(s) and enjoy your new decoration.