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Students share their opinions on selfies

Question: When is it OK to take a selfie? Sariah Romney, a sophomore nursing major from Duck Creek Village, said:  “It’s a free world. People can do what they want. Everyone talks about whether they should or shouldn’t take selfies too much. It’s just a picture. I think it’s fine.” Mikey Nelson, a senior communication major […]

Nadauld’s impact proves visionary

President Stephen Nadauld is retiring at the end of the school year after serving Dixie State University for six years. Nadauld has been serving DSU as the 17th president of the school. He started his term as interim president for Dixie State College in March 2008 and was inaugurated as the president in March 2010. […]

Dixie Awards ceremony May 1 plans to honor excellent accomplishment

  The Dixie Awards ceremony is a way of recognizing the accomplishments of students, faculty and community members at the close of the school year.   Dixie State University students, faculty and community members became involved in the annual Dixie Awards ceremony by submitting nominations of students, faculty and local businesses that have made an […]

Express thanks for compliments, show confidence

   We as humans may seem nearly perfect, but we all share a common fatal flaw: not being able to accept compliments.    We are all generally awkward when responding to a compliment. We may instantly deflect the compliment with a self-put down and refuse to accept praise. Or, maybe we reply with a new […]

Attitude adjustments allow for success in school, work

In life, a simple behavioral habit can be the difference between success and failure. There are many destructive behaviors that can have a negative impact on your professional life. Through my work and school experiences, I’ve realized that a few behaviors and attitudes can make or break it for you in the real world. These behaviors are easy […]

Pinterest Project: Christmas lights make delightful, inexpensive apartment decorations

An entertaining and convenient cure for spring fever is crafting an inexpensive piece of new home décor. While browsing Pinterest, I came across a picture of a dorm room that was decorated with photos clothespinned to various strands of Christmas lights. This simple, inexpensive project is a unique way of displaying photos in a college […]

Construction inconveniences and confuses community

Nothing is more inconvenient than construction, and it seems to be everywhere we look.    Construction is always happening in St. George, whether it’s on roads, buildings or sidewalks. Some construction projects can be simple, like fixing a large crack in a sidewalk, while others are long, drawn out and invasive. My street has been […]

Student stands out with easygoing fashion

When you see a stylish person on campus, it’s easy to develop a case of closet envy. One stylish student causing such envy on Dixie State University’s campus is Haleigh Lovegrove, a sophomore nursing major from Sandy. Lovegrove is always wearing clothes that reflect her laid-back, outgoing and girly personality. Lovegrove’s closet includes a little […]

Pinterest Project: Super Bowl Sunday Scotcheroos tasty yet tricky

Not all Pinterest projects turn out as picturesque as the pin leads you to believe. My intention was to make something delicious for Super Bowl Sunday, so I took to Pinterest in search of the perfect football game treat. While browsing the pins, I found a recipe for cute football Scotcheroos that I couldn’t pass up. These […]

Child-free couples live happily

Having children is all about soiled diapers, sleepless nights, stress and stretch marks — this is not what I portray as happiness.  An article on KSL.com titled “Are people without kids happier? New studies offer mixed picture” by Kelly Wallace and a video, also by Wallace, on CNN.com titled “Study looks at people with, without kids” claim couples who […]