DSU students, faculty share survival tips for last portion of spring semester

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The semester is more than half way over, and Dixie State University students are having to show their true dedication when it comes to finishing strong. 

Harbor Bickmore, a sophomore art major from St. George, said because the post-spring break pressure is on, it’s time to finish the semester with good graces. 

Stressors, such as graduation, final papers, intensive projects and senior capstones, can add to a student’s stress level.

Kiera Richardson, a freshman general education major from St. George, said although school can be stressful, especially this time of the year, there are things that can help make school a lot easier on students.

Manage time wisely

“I get my homework done then reward myself by watching Netflix, specifically ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ and ‘Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,’” said Dallin Nelsen, a sophomore communication major from Fallan, Nev.

“I try to get all my homework done during the day so I can spend those nights with my fiancé,” said Madison Hildebrandt, a junior English major from Corona, Calif.


To-do lists 

Sinalei Keil, a sophomore general education major from Apia, Samoa, said to-do lists are a good way for forgetful students to remember what they need to get done.

“I find it very helpful to use a to-do list,” Sinalei said. “If I check things off as I do them, it is easier for me to accomplish more.”

Richardson said she prefers to use a journal because she can write down notes as well.

“I use a journal to keep my thoughts organized, and ever since I became a waitress, I have realized how important it is to write things down so [I] don’t forget them,” Richardson said.

Bickmore said staying organized can play a big part in getting good grades.

“I use to-do lists to keep my work organized, and I treat myself to a chocolate-raspberry shake after I get my work done,” Bickmore said. 


End-of-week rewards 

Hildebrandt said she uses her Friday and Saturday nights as free nights, making sure she has time to relax. She said if students manage their time wisely, they should always have time to relax.

“Because of St. George’s amazing weather, I always know there will be something fun going on at all times; that’s what gets me through the week,” said Lexi Koyle, a freshman art major from Wanship. “I simply can’t live without a little stress relief.”

Professors agree that having a reward in sight can help make it easier to accomplish what needs to get done.

“Budget your time,” said psychology professor Michael Rahilly. “Use fun things you do as a reward for getting homework done.”


Motivation from peers 

“My friends help motivate me to get all my homework done in a timely manner,” Koyle said. “We find it easier to work together.”

Richardson suggests using friends and family to help when her motivation is lacking. They can help put time limits and rewards in place, which can be a big help.

“I find it easier to study in groups or with a friend,” Richardson said. “This makes the time go by faster, and if you have a question, you have someone to help you out.”

Stay ahead on school work 

“The best advice I have for students at this time of the semester is to stay ahead in school work,” said Joe Green, a political science and history professor. “Don’t cram at the end of the semester; that can get very stressful.”