Local DSC Grad Turns Entrepreneur

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“YES! The Award-winning, MULTI-PAGE PRESENTATION FOLDER—8Scape—is ready for launch,” according to Andrew Nielsen, Founder & Owner of MuzicScape, LLC [You can contact him by gmail @ www.muzicscape.com. MuZicScape (“Discover the Landscape of Music”) is the Company and 8Scape (“The Ultimate In Folder Landscape”) is the multi-page music presentation product-folder brought to market through the entrepreneurial efforts of local DSC grad, Andrew Nielsen, (currently an undergraduate senior in the College of Business @ Utah Valley University).]

Even the inventor’s impatience at the advent of his own creation is noteworthy: “Where have you been all my life?!”

According to Andy’s father, the creator of the 8Scape folder, “I created the folder to avoid sheet music confusion on the piano rack, but I also wanted a folder that could display multiple pages of music without requiring multiple page turns (an accompanist’s nightmare). I also wanted the folder to be compact, durable, secure, attractive, and professional-looking…something fit for a concert hall, that I could carry in my hand, and that I could store and retrieve on a moment’s notice.”

8Scape does all that. It displays up to 8 pages of sheet music (or documents, photos, graphics or otherwise), with a maximum of two page turns, opens in seconds, and folds up even quicker–into a compact, attractive and professional-looking attaché, that secures its contents. It’s easy to carry, easy to use, and easy to fall in love with.

8Scape was conceived and designed for musicians and performers, but in reality, it can work for anybody in search of the perfect presentation folder. Some call it a multi-page portfolio. It’s a storybook if you want. It’s great for assembling and securing important documents for presentation purposes, one-and-all. Executive summaries, legal briefs, advertising copy, menus, reports, you name it, 8Scape can display it, including the accompanist’s music—perfect practice…perfect performance.

Read what others have already said:

GA: “Awesome!”

BT: “I never worry about the music flying off the piano rack anymore.”

TL: “I use it for business presentations all the time.”

SJ: “I don’t lose my homework assignments anymore.”

“WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT”! That’s what you’ll be saying once you’ve tried it.

For more details on 8Scape (“The Ultimate In Folder Landscape”), go to the company website, MuZicScape (“Discover the Landscape of Music”) @ www.muzicscape.com for a closer look.