DIY bottle glasses creations intriguing idea but difficult

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If your looking a cheap, easy and fun way to recycle garbage into something like reusable kitchenware then I recommend just washing a red Solo cup because glass bottle cups are sure to harder than you’d think.

After spending far too much time on the Internet, I’ve found enough dude crafts to last a lifetime, many of which can be done with hundreds of bottle caps or things like fine-crafted leather. That being said, having not the money nor the slightest idea of leather work, I had to dig a little deeper until I found a cheap project to make reusable kitchen glasses out of empty glass bottles by safely removing the neck of the bottle (technically just below the neck).

The materials are pretty simple. First you need a glass bottle, string, lighter fluid, a lighter, a small container for the lighter fluid, such as a cap, a little sand paper, and a faucet with cold water.

I was able to collect a few of the items from around my apartment, and after a quick and cheap run the store, had everything I needed.

After browsing a few YouTube videos and a few other step-by-step tutorials, I was ready for my attempt at some new, unique kitchen glasses.

But in the end, that’s exactly what it was: an attempt.

With such few materials and supposedly an Internet full of success stories, one would think success was within reach, but apparently not because I tried time and time again with absolutely no avail.

The idea is to light the string on fire, raising the temperature of glass dramatically, and then introducing it to a quick temperature change with the cold water, causing it to easily snap apart.

The main problem I faced was that I couldn’t get the string to remain lit long enough, leaving the bottle not nearly hot enough to get a crack started. This led to soaking the string longer in the lighter fluid but with no better results.

By the end of the night, roughly about one in the morning, I was left with a bunch of empty soda bottles, an empty bottle of lighter fluid, burnt pieces of string, and major disappointment.

1) Wrap string around your bottle just above the label if it has one and tie a tight knot.

2) Remove string and soak it with lighter fluid in your small container.

3) After waiting for a few seconds, quickly place your soaked string around the bottle into the same position as it was in Step 1. Make sure its as straight as you can get it.

4) Turn the bottle to the side and light the string with the lighter, slowly turning the bottle to evenly spread the heat.

5) You are supposed to hear a slight cracking sound. Quickly place the bottle under cold water and the two pieces should easily separate.

6) If everything worked correctly you should have a new reusable kitchen glass and begin to sand the top until its smooth. If it didn’t work you are welcome to join the likes of me, by being incredibly disappointed and drinking the rest of the soda in shame.