March Madness Q’s

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Skylar Schone, a sophomore accounting major from Washington said, “The biggest surprise so far is Dayton beating Ohio State and Syracuse,” said Skylar Schone, a sophomore accounting major from Washington. “That messed up my bracket big time. I am still sticking with Michigan State to go all the way.”

“The biggest surprise to me is that Dayton and Tennessee are in the sweet sixteen,” said Robert Metz, a sophomore integrated studies major from Tuscan, Ariz. “They are both 11 seeds. No one saw them coming this far. I think Arizona is gonna take it all. Their defense is really good.”

“Dayton has been the biggest surprise so far,” said Aubrey Reed, a junior communication major from Pittsburgh, Pa. “They could be the Cinderella story this year.”

Reed was disappointed to see his hometown team lose but still has hope for Arizona. “I want Arizona to win because I don’t really like anybody else left,” Reed said.

“I was surprised by Wichita State losing already,” said John Berger, a sophomore communication major from Ogden. “I thought an undefeated one seed should do much better.”

Berger said Kentucky would be his new favorite to win the tournament. “Kentucky has surprised me in a good way,” Berger said. “They beat number one Wichita state and are cruising along.”

Duke’s loss was the biggest shocker to Eric Taylor, a sophomore chemistry major from St. George. “Duke was ranked three and lost to a fourteen seed,” Taylor said. “How often does that happen?” Taylor said. “I’m thinking Florida can win it. They are a one seed and has been playing really well so far.”