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2 men 1 movie: ‘Transcendence’ gives viewers complex plot, impressive camera work

Ethan’s Take: Technology is advancing every day, and “Transcendence” gives viewers a look into the extremes of where those advancements could go. If technology is your thing, you might love “Transcendence.” Everyone else will enjoy the beautiful cinematography, assuming they can look past the intricate plot. Scientist Will Castor (Johnny Depp) is a genius who, among other scientists […]

‘America’s Got Talent’ guest pays visit to DSU

A modern take on juggling led to a standing ovation from Dixie State University students Wednesday night. Juggler and comedian Charles Peachock came to DSU to help celebrate the D-Week festivities. Peachock gained a lot of attention for his juggling prowess on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” according to AGT wiki.com. He appeared on the show originally […]

That’s What She Said: Dating norms can, should be broken

   Women are just as capable of asking men out as men are at asking women.    Nowhere is it written that a woman can’t ask a man out on a date.    In most high schools, there are dances where the girls get to ask the guy, and it’s the accepted culture. No one […]

March Madness Q’s

Skylar Schone, a sophomore accounting major from Washington said, “The biggest surprise so far is Dayton beating Ohio State and Syracuse,” said Skylar Schone, a sophomore accounting major from Washington. “That messed up my bracket big time. I am still sticking with Michigan State to go all the way.” “The biggest surprise to me is […]

2 Men 1 Movie: ‘Divergent’ overcomes slow plot with cinematography, characters

Jordan’s Take: “Divergent” is a mix of “The Hunger Games” and “Inception.” The film starts with a basic overview of the world the main character, Beatrice “Triss” Prior (Shailene Woodley), lives in. A wall defends the city in which she lives from any unknown outsiders. This is why it reminded me of “The Hunger Games.” […]

‘Non-Stop’ thrilling, well-made

“Non-Stop” is an action-packed thriller set in an interesting context that keeps you guessing. The movie is set in an airplane, which gives an interesting twist for a suspenseful thriller. “Non-Stop” has the same suspense and setting found in “Flightplan” with the action and excitement from “Taken.” Maybe it is just Liam Neeson’s presence that […]

App obsessions deprive productivity

   “Flappy Bird,” “Candy Crush Saga,” “Fruit Ninja” and “Angry Birds” are addictive, pointless games.    Mobile phones have shifted the American culture. The Internet, social media, video games and more are now available in your pocket. That access has given people the need to be entertained at all times.    If we aren’t looking […]

Futsal: Indoor, precise game

Futsal is an intense, fast and fun indoor sport that can help you stay in shape when the weather is too hot or cold to play outside. Traditional soccer is played with 11 players on each team on a full-sized field. Futsal is generally played on a smaller field that can be indoor or outdoor. […]

2 Men 1 Movie: “I, Frankenstein” unexpectedly engaging

Jordan’s Take “I, Frankenstein” exceeds expectations with a twist on an old classic tale. Mary Shelley wrote the well-known novel “Frankenstein” about a mad scientist who created an animated human being nearly 200 years ago. Flash forward to today, and we find director Stuart Beattie taking a more modern spin of the classic, gothic novel. […]

Couples prove to be happier with kids

Most people would say their most precious memories are made with family and there are more of those memories to be made when you have kids. I come from a family of six and there is a special feeling when you are around your family. It never really mattered what we were doing. Whether we […]