Dixie Awards ceremony May 1 plans to honor excellent accomplishment

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The Dixie Awards ceremony is a way of recognizing the accomplishments of students, faculty and community members at the close of the school year.


Dixie State University students, faculty and community members became involved in the annual Dixie Awards ceremony by submitting nominations of students, faculty and local businesses that have made an impact on DSU this year. 

The nomination period for the following awards will close April 1 at 4 p.m: 

  • Female Student of the Year
  • Male Student of the Year
  • Teacher of the Year
  • Distinguished Staff Member
  • Club of the Year
  • Club Adviser of the Year
  • Stafford Student Involvement Award
  • Entertainer of the Year
  • “Dixie Spirit” Award (Personality of the Year)
  • “Heart of Dixie” Award
  • Commitment to Diversity Award
  • Business of the Year
  • “Dixie 11” Award


Each category has a detailed description of nomination and judging criteria that can be found at www.dixie.edu/dixieawards. To win, the nominee must be enrolled at DSU as a full-time student.


“Being nominated is an honor,” said Brent Hanson, Dean of the Fine Arts Department. “Faculty members are really eager to make sure the program is represented by excellent work.”


Hanson said a good way to stand out from other students is to get involved.


Dean of Students Del Beatty also said standing out is a year-round effort.


“Judging is based upon things that have happened over this calendar year,” Beatty said. “Get involved, make a difference, volunteer or join a club.”


Some students realize that it takes hard work to be nominated for an award.


“For a student to be nominated for an award, he or she needs to be involved in school activities and take opportunities to be a leader,” said Derek Baker, a sophomore general education major from Ivins. “They also need to show dedication and achieve academic success.”


Some students have no idea what the awards are. 


“The Dixie Awards is poorly communicated,” said Amy Cotton, a senior communication major from Salt Lake City. “How are students supposed to know who to nominate? We don’t know a lot about what other students do or who we should nominate.”


The Dixie Awards are divided into two categories: academic awards and general awards. 


The nominees for academic awards are determined by each academic department. Each department nominates five juniors or seniors enrolled in a four-year program. The department also selects the winner, whose name is submitted to the academic dean of the particular department.


The nominees for the general awards go through an in-depth process of review, which narrows down the nominee pool to five finalists. The information gathered about the five finalists is then passed on to different committees specific to each academic department, and the committee selects a winner.


“To be one of the five finalists is a phenomenal accomplishment,” Beatty said. “There is only one winner, which makes this award one of the most prestigious awards that you can receive at Dixie State.”


A reception will be held for the nominees and Baccalaureate Honor Graduates in the lobby of the Eccles Theatre from 5-6 p.m. May 1.


A formal awards ceremony will take place after the reception at 7 p.m. in the Eccles Mainstage Theatre.


Beatty said the awards ceremony is fun and similar to the Academy Awards. An envelope is opened, and the winner’s name is announced for each category. The awards show also features professional entertainers. 


Hanson encouraged the members of campus and the community to get involved.


“The level of interest and participation is great,” Hanson said. “It’s become a big deal to recognize the work students do.”


For more information for each award category, visit www.dixie.edu/dixieawards. For any questions regarding the Dixie Awards process, please call the dean of students’ office at 435-652-7514.