Dive into this year’s D-Week

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Crawling in mud, kissing in the fountain, and dancing the night away might dawn on Dixie State University students’ minds as D-Week arrives, but this year, there might be a few surprises that will make this week especially memorable.

Student Body President Carlos Morgan, a senior communication major from Santa Clara, said this week is his favorite week of the year, and he is expecting many memories to be made.

“For me, D-Week has always been the school spirit week,” Morgan said. “We have a lot of traditions that we’ve done for a long time. A lot of these traditions are memories people have of Dixie, and D-Week is just celebrating Dixie.”

Morgan said one of the main reasons D-Week is a continuing tradition is because students are tired of school and need something exciting to help motivate them.

“We’re working hard to make things happen, and we expect success and … people to have a good time,” Morgan said. “Things die down at the end of the year, and this is a good way to fix that. [Students] do all [their] stuff but still have a good time.”

The theme for D-Week this year is “We Are Dixie,” and it’s meant to bring everyone together and unify the school with school spirit.

“[The theme is] probably what I’m looking forward to the most,” Morgan said.



The week started with the Kickoff Monday at 10 a.m. on the Diagonal and Holland Plaza. Hot dogs and barbecued food were passed out freely to students.

The event ended when the second round of Dixie Idol began in the Gardner Center living room with 10 remaining performers. The students were able to vote for their favorite performers through a phone system like calling and submitting a contestant’s number, and three contestants were eliminated. 



The third Dixie Idol round continued Tuesday at noon in the Gardner Center living room, and students again eliminated two contestants. The show only lasted about 30 minutes because Jordyn Hanevold, a senior communication major from Logandale, Nev., and vice president of student life, said the DSU Student Association wanted to work the event around students’ schedules. 

“We [didn’t] want people missing class, so it [was] kind of an in-and-out kind of deal,” Hanevold said.

The finalists include Greg Knell, Chance Steglish, Megan Hatt, Jordon Webster and Edson Packsor.

The D-Queen pageant was held later that night at 7:30 p.m. in the Cox Auditorium. Due to the print deadline, the winner could not be included. For information on the D-Queen results, go to dixiesunnews.com



The Final Five round of Dixie Idol will begin today at noon in the Gardner Center living room. Students will again have the chance to vote through a phone service and will eliminate two more performers.

Students also have a chance to take part in the Paint D Road tradition today at 1 p.m. outside of the Burns Arena. There will be free Jimmy John’s sandwiches passed out to each student who attends.

“It’s kind of a tradition we’ve always had,” Hanevold said. “It’s to help upkeep the D. It’s a two-day project, so we’ll end up finishing it the next day.”

The final round of Dixie Idol will spring tonight at 7:30 in the Gardner Ballroom, and students will continue to vote. The winner will not be announced at the event but will be announced at a later event. Once the voting has ended, the Wednes “D” activity will begin, and juggler Charles Peachock, an America’s Got Talent finalist, will perform.



The Paint D Road event will finish Thursday at 1 p.m. The project will be finished on Thursday because of the different sections to paint. The project Wednesday must dry before the Thursday project begins.

The Student Alumni Association is hosting the Break a World Record event tomorrow at 6 p.m. in the Burns Arena. DSU students will try to break the record of the most party poppers popped at one time.

The night will end with the Clock Tower Dedication at 7:30 p.m. at the new clock tower on campus.

“We’re going to have all Dixie Idol contestants perform again (at the dedication) … and then we’ll announce the winner there,” Hanevold said.


The Great Race event is one most students plan for all semester, and it’s one where some walk away as champions, some walk away with smiles on their faces, and some walk away completely covered in mud. The race will begin at the Hansen Stadium at 4 p.m. as the check-in time, and the first leg will start at 5 p.m.

This race is an obstacle course around campus that consists of 10 legs. There are many activities in the race, such as running, rollerskating, swimming, base-running and more. The team to cross the finish line first will be claimed the winner.

“I think the Great Race is always a popular and well-liked event by students,” Hanevold said. “I’ve had friends the last two months recruit for their team. I think it’s something everyone is excited for — to jump in the mud pit and brag.”

Morgan said the Great Race is his favorite part of D-Week.

“The Great Race is awesome because it brings together every demographic on campus, and the community gets involved, and people get competitive and get crazy,” Morgan said. “Some think you have to be athletic to come and participate, but you don’t; it’s an event for everybody.”

The carnival will kickoff at 6 p.m. in the lower field of the Hansen Stadium. There will be many activities for students to take part of, such as zip lines, bounce houses, face paintings and more. There will also be booths set up from different clubs on campus, and free dinner will be served.



The day will dawn at 6 a.m. as the DSUSAA will host the White Wash The D event. Students will travel up to the white D on the mountain and pour white paint to renew the D. After the D is painted, there will be breakfast served. Hanevold said there will be a variety of great food, such as pancakes, bacon and eggs.

The D-Week Dance will takeoff at 9 p.m. in the Gardner Plaza. “Nightlife Attire” is the theme of the dance, but Hanevold said students should not plan on wearing anything formal. This is a dress to impress night, and students should dress classy but still feel comfortable. 

The dance will end with True Rebel at midnight. Although this has been a long tradition for Dixie, True Rebel will be slightly altered. Instead of having True Rebel in the fountain by the Student Activities Center, it will take place at the new clock tower. Lip balm will be passed out to those who kiss someone by the university clock tower.

As many students know, a car was given away at last year’s True Rebel event. This year, the DSUSA is giving away two scooters to two students who get their names drawn out of the raffle. In order for students to have their name in the raffle, they need to attend one, or multiple, D-Week events throughout the week. Each event they attend they will receive a raffle ticket at the door. The more activities students attend, the more times their names will be entered into the raffle. The students can only claim their prize if they are present at the time their name is announced.

“I’m most excited to give away the scooters,” Hanevold said. “I love it. It is so fun and the winner gets so excited. I would love to win a scooter. I love how excited the students get, and I love how pumped everyone gets. I’m glad we’re able to do it.”