Students fail to ‘pop’ world record

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Although it was unsuccessful, 592 people helped make the “Breaking a World Record” event a good time.

Dixie State University students and community members gathered to break the world record Thursday in the Burns Arena. Hundreds of party poppers, as well as cake and free T-shirts, were given to attendees. There was a shortage of 155 people in order to break the record. 

The DSU Student Association is hoping DSU will be able to break the record next year. This is the first year that DSU held this event and did not break the record. Student government did not expect for this event to be unsuccessful, but more effective advertising will be put in place in order for a better turnout next year. 

President Stephen Nadauld attended with his wife, and for some students, the event was symbolic of Nadauld and his contributions to DSU. 

“This event was a great way to honor President Nadauld and his time here at Dixie,” said Lex Skeen, a junior marketing major from Park City. “It was fun to be able to participate in this event and come out and enjoy cake afterward with my friends.”

Chet Norman, vice president of public relations and a junior integrated studies major from St. George, said this event is continually growing. There were 567 people last year who showed up, and there were 592 attendees this year, which proved the growth of the event.  

“I wish that more people would have shown up to the event,” said Tyler Eddington, a freshman business major from Las Vegas. “It was fun for those of us who did come and participate.” 

Last year’s world record, the most people to simultaneously throw paper airplanes, was successfully broken.

“I am looking forward to next year,” Norman said. “I am excited about the consistency we have. I think next year we will have even more show up to the event.”

Kaden McDonald, vice president of student relations and a sophomore math major from St. George, said although student government didn’t get the numbers it needed, the event went well. He said it was fun to get almost 600 people together to pop party poppers.

“This event will continue to be an awesome tradition the university does each year,” McDonald said. “We need more of the students to come support the event next year to get the numbers up past 700 or 800 so we can make this event huge.”