D-Week ends positively despite shaky start

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D-Week this year started out with a bang — or a bun.

The Dixie State University Student Association passed out free hot dogs and chips to DSU students to kick off D-Week April 7. It was followed-up by a Dixie Idol elimination round, which was the singing contest that started the previous Wednesday.

Although food is great and it attracts people, the student government has to focus on two things to have a successful event: the beginning and the end.

D-Week should have started with a big event to get people excited. If the DSUSA can get students to the first event, it can get students to all of the others simply by advertising. If the DSUSA only has random hot dog stands that most people pass when walking by, the DSUSA isn’t going to get the word out very well.

Juggler Charles Peachock, an “America’s Got Talent” finalist, captured my attention on April 9, and I was shocked more people didn’t go. He kept my friends and me amazed the whole time. But, sadly, not very many people knew about it.

There is always bad that comes with the good. The event on April 10, which was breaking the world record of the most party poppers popped, was almost a failure. The Student Alumni Association worked hard to get a record-breaking amount of party poppers, trying to make that evening cool. Unfortunately, only 592 people showed up, which is 155 attendees short. The record was not broken, but the students still got to enjoy popping the poppers. It was fun, but it could have been even better if more students went, which could have been solved by more promotion.   

The Great Race was fabulous as always by featuring a lot of unique teams. The most memorable part was watching everyone run through the mud pit.   

But the best part was the ending: the D-Day Dance and True Rebel night. The music was great even though the location was outside instead of in the Gardner Center Ballroom.

After the dance, True Rebel took place at the clock tower instead of the fountain. But contrary to most students’ opinion about it breaking tradition and being foolish, it all seemed to work out just as fun in the end.

This D-Week was one to remember.