Bad roommates can ruin college experience

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From the dim-witted to the jabber-mouthed, roommates come in many different shapes and sizes.

Unfortunately for me, I got the bring-my-boyfriend-over-for-showers kind of roommate. 

The woman I had theinsert sarcasm heregreat pleasure to share a room with was a woman who had grown up in the Wasatch Valley and came from a wealthy family that obviously gave her everything she wanted. We shared some common interests and values, but nothing could have prepared me for the semester ahead.

Her drug-dealing boyfriend would invite himself over and frequently spend the night. I wouldn’t have cared so much if we didn’t share a room, and I wouldn’t have had to listen to them make-out, and who knows what else, all night long. I’m not judging her for doing the naughty, but seriously? She should have taken her sex life elsewhere.

The best part was after her boyfriend would leave for class, my roommate would instantly complain about how much she wanted to leave him, but she just “loved him too much.”

The vicious cycle went on for the entire semester.

The tipping point was when I was in our room eating lunch and she waltzed in with her boyfriend and they took their clothes off and got in the shower right in front of mein front of me! Again, I’m not judging her for taking a shower with him, but of course I flipped out because she made me feel painfully uncomfortable.

I would never want to inflict that on another person.

I called the women who we shared a bathroom with, and they weren’t too fond of her either. Apparently she did more inappropriate things I didn’t know about. We ended up calling our resident assistant who then referred us to a higher up who was in charge of the dormitory. My roommate found out and of course she was pissed, but what else could we do? Our relationship with one another was never the same, and I’m 99 percent sure that’s when she started eating my food.

Be careful when choosing a roommate. Follow the golden rule and treat others how you want to be treated. Don’t put up with crap. If you don’t like it, say something. Stand up for your sanity; God knows you need it while enduring college.