Editor’s Note: Help strengthen DSU’s voice

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Dixie’s achievement of university status swept colossal changes across campus, and similarly, Dixie Sun News, the voice of Dixie State University, is starting the 2014-15 academic year with a new look. 

DSU’s momentous transition meant new branding, new opportunities and a new era in general. However, the university’s leadership kept past successes in mind and used them as a robust foundation for future progress.

So now, as more notable changes take place — such as Richard “Biff” Williams assuming the role of DSU president — the past and present coexist, rather than compete against each other in a counterproductive fashion. 

That’s how it should be. And we’ve taken note.

Expect further changes compounded with our sharper logo, stronger social media presence and greater effort to cover important events. Also, still count on strong suits that led to prior triumphs.  

Like DSU, Dixie’s voice will learn from the past, own the present and build toward the future.

And it starts here.

So pick up the weekly print edition. It’s the fruition of Monday nights and Tuesday afternoons spent guzzling dangerous amounts of caffeine; cramming for dreaded mid-week exams between edits; and learning that since most of our possessions occupy our workspaces and that we’ve interacted more with fellow staffers this week than significant others, at DSN, we’re pretty much family.

Visit DSN’s website. You’ll read it here first. When those who make DSU great excel — whether it be academically or athletically — DixieSunNews.com will bring their stories to the fore of your laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

And last, follow DSN on Facebook, facebook.com/DixieSunNews, Instagram, dixiesunnews, and Twitter, @DixieSunNews. Use our hashtag, #VoiceofDixie, when at Week of Welcome events, athletics, and at any other time you have something to show the DSU community. 

The tireless efforts of the Sun’s new staff compounded with your help and support can make Dixie’s voice a powerful, unforgettable one.