Football drops last game

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The Storm rolled in over Arcata, California, Saturday afternoon, but the Lumberjack’s of Humboldt weren’t planning on a rainy day.

Dixie State football lost 71-13 without its offense making an actual connection for a scoring play.

In the first four minutes, Humboldt ran into the end zone and then rushed for two points for an automatic eight-point lead over the Storm.

The next drive the Lumberjack’s kickoff to the Storm was ran for 99-yards by junior running back Aubrey Reed for a touchdown. The Storm decreased that deficit to only one point early in the first quarter.

Humboldt came back and scored two more touchdowns in three-minute intervals to increase its lead over Dixie 22-7 by the end of the first.

Humboldt put another seven points on the board only five seconds into the second quarter.

Regaining some momentum a few drives later, sophomore linebacker Trevor Oakley intercepted the Lumberjacks ball to run 65 yards to the end zone. But freshman kicker Alex Giordani’s kick was blocked, only allowing the Storm to gain six points to bring the score to 29-13.

Humboldt posted another two touchdowns before the end of the half, leaving the score at 43-13.

The twenty-minute re-coup didn’t fare well for the Storm as the lumberjacks started the third quarter with a 38-second drive for a touchdown just minutes into the second half.

Humboldt scored three more touchdowns to leave the beating to a final score of 71-13.

The Storm ends the season with a 1-10 record overall and a 0-6 record in conference play.