Fall semester provided glimpses at DSU’s future

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Fall semester 2014 provided students with unforgettable experiences.

The Inauguration of DSU’s 18th president, Biff Williams on Oct. 23 showed the university’s new president and his best attributes.

I like that when people ask our president what his vision is for the university is, his response is, ” I don’t know. What is our vision?”

Our president gives us the opportunity to speak and meet with him, which absolutely awesome. I feel that our president is going to be one of the best.

There were a lot of exciting and well participated events that happened this year that were put on by the Dixie State University Student Association.

There was an increase with school event participation this semester. Also this fall semester had the highest number of freshmen enrolled.

The Rock the Mall that DSUSA put on during the week of homecoming was fun. Each club here at DSU was given the opportunity to compete to remix our school song. The clubs that participated did a good job; their remixes they put together were very funny and entertaining.

Casino Night, also hosted by DSUSA, was another fun event that a lot of people attended. Due to so many people that came and participated, there will be another Casino Night again sometime during the spring semester. For those who don’t know what Casino Night is, it’s a play gamble; there are black jack dealers, poker, and a ton of free food and drinks are available. 

Our football team has been struggling this semester. So with them winning our homecoming game was an exciting moment for not only the team, but the school was very happy. Not to mention it was Dixie’s only game it won this semester.

The entertainment with art was also great this semester. I attended the “Much Ado About Nothing” play that was absolutely entertaining. You could tell that a lot of hard work and time was put into that play; they did a great job, and the props were pretty awesome. This was many things that was entertaining and cultural about Dixie.