First meeting for student government elections announced

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Among the keys to success a student must consider before running for a student government position is early preparation.

An informative meeting for Dixie State University students interested in participating in the DSU Student Association election for the 2015-16 academic year takes place Jan. 29 at 4 p.m. in the student government room on the Gardner Center’s second floor. The positions up for grabs are student body president, vice president of academics and vice president of clubs and organizations.

Chief Justice Alex Lambson, a senior computer science major from Orem, said he runs the election and investigates allegations of misconduct during the process if such issues arise. He said students don’t need to know whether they absolutely want to run for a position before attending the meeting, but going provides students with a head start in knowing what’s expected.

The meeting proves particularly helpful because now the process differs from past years, he said.

Before, candidates had two weeks to campaign, with one week dedicated to social media and the other to campaigning on campus. Now, however, this part of the election lasts only one week prior to primaries, held March 23, and the final elections, from March 25-27. DSUSA also pushed the election back a month from its late-February date before.

Lambson said students who are unsure about running should just decide how much passion they have for obtaining a leadership position — and that goes a long way.

“If they have the drive to win, they will because we’ve seen surprising victories in the past,” he said. “You don’t have to already be on student government or be popular to succeed.”

Lambson — who ran for the vice president of academics position last year — also said potential candidates should keep their campaign strategies simple.

“[Candidates] shouldn’t overcomplicate the process,” he said. “I spent more time thinking of campaign strategies than I did just talking to people.”

Jordon Sharp, director of student involvement and leadership, said students can’t pursue the positions solely for a scholarship as the work load demands a great deal.

“If a student runs for office for the scholarship, they will be disappointed in the decision,” he said. “The time, effort and energy required for these positions are not worth the scholarship alone; however, the intrinsic benefits are immeasurable.” 

A mandatory meeting Feb. 5 will be the next step in the election process.