Faculty survey lists so-so results

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Dixie State University ranked at an average level in the 2014 Great Colleges Survey.

The survey was administered to 278 institutions, and 196 were four-year institutions. The survey was given at the beginning of 2014, it’s used to see how different colleges rank nationally. It helps institutions know what areas they need to improve in.

Usually the survey is given to only a sample of faculty at an institution, but DSU officials decided to pay for all employees to take it. 

Debra Bryant, assistant professor of business and accreditation liaison for the Northwest Counsel on Colleges and Universities, said administration wanted every employee to participate so they could see how Dixie employees were doing as a whole.

“It is good to establish some type of baseline for Dixie,” Bryant said. “That way we know where we are starting compared to other institutions.”

According to the survey, faculty and administration answered the survey dissimilarly in the fairness category. Bryant said administration is taking the results seriously, and it is all in the perception of who is answering the question.

In the communication category, administration answered positively, while some faculty answered with a warrants attention response.

“We can only improve from here,” Bryant said.                       

The pride category is something that everyone agreed in. The results from every faculty member was given as very good to excellent.

“We hope to … see even more improvement the next time we take the survey,” Bryant said.