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Layton’s year as student body president ‘special’

As the school year draws to a close, so does the journey of Student Body President Gregory J. Layton. There have been ups and downs this year according to Layton, a senior English major from Cottonwood Heights. He is proud with his accomplishment of gaining the trust of the students, faculty, administration and the board of trustees. He […]

Plastic plagues our planet

Over the past 10 years, the plastic industry has created more plastic than there was created during the whole last century. Plastic is used in everyday life. Most things are made out of plastic: the computer that is used to do homework, the phone used to talk to parents, the utensils to eat food, and many […]

Guns on campus dangerous for students

Guns on a college campus – not the correct way to keep students safe. In 2004, the Utah Legislature passed a bill allowing guns on state property, which allowed guns on college campuses. I am pro-Second Amendment but not on a college campus. Every person, with the exception of those not allowed to obtain a […]

Graduation condensed to one ceremony

Graduation is on the horizon for seniors at Dixie State University, but it is going to be a little different this year. William Christensen, executive vice president and chief academic officer, said graduation will be done like it was a while back. Instead of having each school do its own graduation, DSU will have one […]

Dixie Awards note ‘best and brightest’

Dixie State University has its own version of the Academy Awards, and it is quickly approaching. The Dixie Awards is a long-running tradition. It honors students, faculty, staff, community members and businesses who have been committed to and done great things for DSU. The event will be held May 7 at 7 p.m. in the […]

D-week experience depends on students

An activity on campus can go either way for students; it is all about who they choose to spend that activity with. Some students say there is nothing to do in St. George and that it is just a boring town made for the “snow birds.” However, there are tons of events that Dixie State University Student […]

Individualized studies, dance degrees close to approval

Administration at Dixie State University is working to fill in the blanks and build the university status by hopefully getting two degrees approved.  There are two new programs — dance and individualized studies — that are going through the final process of being approved by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. This final process […]

College degree isn’t only option

College is something not everyone is cut out for, but there are more than just the typical college educations. There are two types of college students: the type who go for themselves because they want to and the type who go because their parents want them to go. If someone is going to make it through college and enjoy it, […]

PISA celebrates cultural diversity with luau

Cultural dances from the Pacific came all the way to Dixie State University on Saturday for luau guests at the end of Diversity Week. The dances were performed by the Pacific Islander Student Association; each dance represented different Pacific islands.  Vika Havili, president of the PISA club and a junior biology major from Salt Lake […]

Canvas should be required for full-time teachers

Canvas – I think it is a good thing, but some might not think the same way.  I like when my professors use Canvas. For the first thing, it makes it easier to track assignments. When I can track my assignment, I can just look on Canvas instead of emailing my professor and hoping for a […]