Subway’s boom spurs discussion of new franchises

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Boasting establishments like the Backyard Grill, Rebelano’s and Wok… Your Way, the Red Rock Café is the lunch stop of many students at Dixie State University.

The Red Rock’s newest addition is Subway, which as an outside franchise, is the first of its kind in the café. 

Student reaction has been positive, Revenue Center Coordinator Virginia Bundy said, which prompts the question are more franchises to follow?

“The overall feeling from our dorm students and people on campus is excitement,” Bundy said. “When the surveys went out to see which franchise students wanted on campus, Subway was No. 1.”

With Subway being considered such a success, other franchised dining options are being considered, Bundy said. 

Martin Peterson, director of dining services, said if construction on a new franchise doesn’t start by May 15, it won’t be open in time for August. 

“We hope to know something before school gets out,” Peterson said.

Subway has had its share of success.

“We haven’t seen a huge increase [of students eating at the Red Rock], but we’re seeing students move from eating at the grill or getting pizza to ordering at Subway,” Peterson said. “We’re excited that students are getting excited about it.”

Employees who work at Red Rock echo Peterson’s sentiments.

“Students either stop at the grill or Subway,” said Rebecca Gonzales, a freshman general education major from Boise, Idaho, and employee at the Red Rock Café. “Those two options are the best.” 

If students live in Nisson Towers or Shiloh Hall, they’re required to purchase a meal plan. Others who live near campus or spend a lot of time on campus might find on-campus dining to be convenient.

“It’s not just dorm kids anymore,” said Amanda Olsen, a sophomore psychology major from St. George. “It’s like everyone on campus wants to eat at Subway.”