Football puts a check on GPA

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For Dixie State University football, this semester’s off-season preparation is key for success during the season.

Dixie State’s football team has grown in numbers the past three semesters. The growth of the school has helped the growth of the football program with the addition of new assistant coaches, head coach Scott Brumfield said. 

In the past the football staff was considerably small with only one or two assistant coaches. Now the staff has five assistant coaches, which makes it a lot easier for the coaches to stay on top on the students grades, Brumfield said. 

There have been two new assistant coaches hired just this year: Director of Defense Shay McClure and Director of Offense Blaine Monkres.

The growth of the university has also created more resources that are available for the team. The students who go to study hall are also are required to meet with an academic adviser. 

Junior wide receiver Aubrey Reed, a communication major from Tacoma, Washington, said this semester has been the most strict concerning grade checks, and even practices. 

Each football player is required to have a 2.0 GPA, but the coaches want more for their athletes, Brumfield said.

The team requires grade checks periodically, and if these aren’t turned in, the penalty is running after practice, Reed said.

All freshmen, transfers or anyone who is struggling with their grades are also required to go to study hall for a couple of hours a week.

The coaches decide which athletes need to go to study hall after each semester’s grades are posted, Reed said.

In order for a student to get out of study hall, he must have a 3.0 GPA, Brumfield said. 

“Knowing that the coaches are actually going to check my grades and discipline me if I don’t have good grades really helps me stay on top of my classes,” Reed said.

Sophomore wide receiver Hayden Cooper, a business administration major from Overton, Nevada, said the running penalty helps motivate the team to turn in grade checks.

“I just think it helps everyone stay on top of things and get the work done in the classroom first,” Cooper said. “The coaches help them understand that they can’t help the team if they don’t get it done in the classroom first.

Running and different types of drills like suicides and bleachers are some of the coaches’ forms of punishment.

“I definitely think the new coaching staff is going to lead to more victories,” Cooper said. “The new coaches bring a lot of intensity and that has helped the team a lot.” 

Each assistant coach is able to specifically focus on the teams they are in charge of which makes practices more specific to what the players need, Brumfield said.

“Each position coach is in charge how they want to discipline and reprimand the athletes,” Brumfield said. 

The team practices four days a week and lifts three days a week. McClure is strict, Reed said.

“There is no walking on the field, ever,” Reed, said. “If he sees you walking, he will make you do up-downs.”

All of these new procedures have the team preparing for the football season with hopes of a better record than last year’s one-win season with the help of new coaches. 

“I think Dixie football is going to do big things next year with the help of the new coaches,” Cooper said.