Hot pads easy to make on small budget

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Heating pads are great to have when soreunless the cord is too short and you are having to lay next to an outlet to use it.

I found a project, called a rice bag heating pad, on Pinterest that anyone can use: a heating pad made out of rice and a sock. It’s nice because there is no cord that restrains it to a certain area, so it can be taken anywhere.

This was an easy project to make. It was as simple as putting the rice inside the sock, tying the opening off and putting it in the microwave for two minutes.

The heat pad stays hot for about 15 minutes before it needs to be heated back up. It works nicely to warm and loosen muscles. I have been using a heating pad on my knee and I like this more than an actual heating pad. It gets hotter and it forms to the area easier than a heating pad.

I also put it in the freezer for use as a cool pack. It stayed cold for about the same 15 minute time period as when hot.

The heating pad was not only easy to use and make, but it was also super cheap to buy the supplies. I was able to make four rice heating pads with a five pound bag of rice and a package of tube socks. The total of the two items was only six dollars.

Items needed

-1 bag of rice (not instant)

-Tube socks 


-Fill the sock ¾ of way full and tie it off

-Put the rice heating pad inside the microwave for two minutes