Kline scoops out hobbies

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Baseball has always been a part Kevin Kline’s life. Although it may seem to consume him, he manages to find time to explore different hobbies such as taekwondo and collecting things.

Somehow Kline manages to play baseball full-time, go to school full- time and have time for fun. 

Growing up in Las Vegas, Kline attended Rancho High School for a medical program the school provides. Kline has always been interested in the medical field but decided to pursue psychology while attending Dixie.

Kline originally attended Southern Utah University until the baseball team got cut. There were other schools that wanted Kline to play for them once the team was cut, but the enticing warm weather and winning ways of Dixie State led Kline to a successful college baseball career.

Like the typical college student, Kline said he is still trying to figure everything out in terms of a career and life after baseball. EMT school, joining a baseball coaching staff or going on to get his Master’s in psychology are some of the options Kline is faced with.

Kline said his family members have been some the most influential people in his life, especially his dad and brother, who he grew up playing baseball with. 

Kline’s father works for the Las Vegas 51s and his brother also played baseball in college. Kline is the youngest in his family with just one older brother. 

Kline’s family comes to every home game, just as they went to see his brother play in college. 

Although Kline is living away from his family, he said the baseball team is like a second family so he never feels home sick.

Kline said he always knew he would play baseball and had always planned on going to college and playing baseball, even though he wasn’t always sure where he would go.

In addition to baseball, Kline has also grown up doing taekwondo.

“Everyone in my family is a black belt, so that has been a huge part of my life growing up,” Kline said.

Playing guitar, reading, and watching TV series like “Entourage”, “Dexter” and “The Walking Dead” are also some of Kline’s hobbies. Kline said he mostly likes to read classics and books on the mental aspects of baseball.

“I am currently reading ‘The Life You Imagine’ by Derek Jeter and ‘American Sniper’ by Chris Kyle,” Kline said.

Another huge hobby for Kline is collecting, mostly memorabilia, including bats, signed baseballs and random sports items, but also baseball cards and comic books.

Kline is a huge fan of the University of Las Vegas basketball team and tries to attend a game whenever he is in town.

Spare time is limited in Kline’s life with baseball practice being year round, but he still finds time to do things he enjoys besides playing baseball or watching baseball. 

“Being on the baseball team helps a lot with time management,” Kline said

Being a part of DSU’s baseball team requires a lot of work not only on the field but also in class, Kline said. All of the baseball players have to have a 3.0 GPA.

Kline said teachers expect more out of athletes even though athletes have less time than the average student.

Head baseball coach Chris Pfatenhauer had all good things to say about Kline. 

“Kevin is a great student, high-caliber character guy and a tremendous person,” Pfatenhauer said. “Kevin has been a leader on and off the field and continues to strive for greatness personally and as part of the whole. He will go down as one of my favorite players to have ever coached.”

Kline has been a main stay in the middle of Dixie’s line-up for three years and has gathered a ton of college baseball awards, Pfatenhauer said.

Kline is expected to graduate in May with his Bachelor’s degree in psychology and hopes that there will still be baseball in his future.

Kline said he loves to help people and that is why he chose psychology. He would love to be a counselor to help out kids who may be struggling.

“Being around people and giving them positive vibes can really help someone,” Kline said.