Gender equality unequal for men

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In feminism, equality isn’t truly equal.

Feminism has a horrible reputation because traditionally, it’s been one-sided. Even with the title alone, the movement isolates men and doesn’t enforce equality. Feminists say they are focused on obtaining equal rights, but I have to ask myself if they’re actually making things worse.

Contemporary feminism isn’t just about women’s rights; it’s also about men, but men’s issues are too often ignored in our overly pro-women society.

At this year’s Vagina Project, research about rape myths was presented. A young man in the audience asked the researcher, “What about men?” She said she simply didn’t include men in her study, and I could tell the man in the audience was defeated by her response. 

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, in the 40,000 households surveyed, 38 percent of rape and sexual assault violence were against men.

There is a serious lack of support for men. Most of the crisis centers I know of specialize in women’s issues.

There’s so much emphasis placed on women these days, and I hate to say it, but I won’t be surprised if the next generation of women turn out to be completely entitled — even more so than millennials are already. (Is that even possible?)

For the world to completely embrace gender equality, and for people to stop thinking of feminists as crazy, bra-burning broads, contemporary feminism should change its name to help reflect its true values. There should be no feminists and no menimists.  

Does anyone else have that “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” song stuck in their heads right now? 

Buzzfeed recently ran an article series called “Hot Guy March Madness” in lieu of the popularity of the end of college basketball. Every few days, Buzzfeed urged its followers to vote in the new round and to find out “which hot guy will prevail.” Nowhere in these polls was any written material about the celebrities themselves: their occupations, personal lives or achievements.  

If Buzzfeed’s celebrity poll had been “Hot Chick March Madness” instead, people would have raged. So why was it OK to have men paraded around in front of us and we’re allowed to judge them solely off their appearance alone? Do men even care?

It’s no secret many women have self-esteem issues, but guess what, ladies: Men have body issues too. I feel as though most guys know how to comfort a girl who’s feeling down about her body. Most guys know what to say to make it right. If I were placed in a situation where I had to comfort a guy because of his negative body image, I honestly wouldn’t know what to say. 

There should be an open dialogue about man boobs, just like there’s an open dialogue about girls who don’t have thigh gaps.  

We’re taught at a young age that men are the superheroes of the story, not the ones who need rescuing. Women’s rights have come a long way recently, and it’s time we start a dialogue to truly engage equality.

The sexist war is nearly over. Feminists need to regroup and maintain the peace now.