Miss Utah fights for Miss America title, shares experiences at Dixie

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One of Dixie’s own is on her way to Miss America.

Krissia Beatty, a Dixie State University alumna, is making her debut at the Miss America pageant as the new Miss Utah. 

“Krissia was [Miss Dixie in] 2012,” Dean of Students Del Beatty, Krissia’s father, said in an email. “She really wanted to win Miss Utah as Miss Dixie, and she tried, but that year she placed fourth runner-up.”

The Miss America pageant system allows women between the ages of 17-24 to compete for scholarships, cars and more. It is also a chance to represent her community, state or country depending on the level she reaches. The pageant is divided into five categories: interview, on-stage question, talent competition, swimwear and evening wear.

“I love all (the) categories in the Miss America competition, because the preparation to compete in each are related to different aspects in life,” Krissia Beatty said in an email. “However, if I had to choose one, I would say the interview portion (is my favorite).This is ten minutes that I am able to converse and connect with people and allow them to see who I am. It’s true that the questions can be challenging, but that’s what makes it fun.” 

With unlimited chances to get involved on campus, Krissia Beatty was able to tackle multiple leadership opportunities and create a resume for herself. 

“The biggest thing that Dixie did for me was provide opportunities to become involved and gain leadership skills,” Krissia Beatty said. “I was fortunate to have been an ambassador, DECA club president, and the public events chair on DSU Student Association during my time at Dixie, and I feel that each position taught me to handle real circumstances that happen in every day life. The skills I gained through my involvement at Dixie serve me everyday in my job as Miss Utah.”

This is not the first time a DSU student will compete in Miss America. Alana Lee Burns was the Miss Nevada titleholder in 2011.

“Attending Dixie ultimately set me on my path to becoming Miss Nevada,” Burns said in an email. “There are so many opportunities to learn and grow there.”