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D-Week to revolve around new mascot reveal

Dixie State University will celebrate 102 years of D-Week with the mascot reveal taking the spotlight. The theme of D-Week 2016 is “The Reveal,” which kicked off D-Week Monday in front of the Jeffrey R. Holland Centennial and the Gardner Student Center. “This D-Week will be extra special because we are introducing the new identity […]

Women capable of performing combat roles

Times are changing and so are the faces of American warriors.          As of Jan. 2, all American combat jobs, minus a few Marine roles, are open to any female capable of meeting the standard.     “Females in other countries have done this for a lot of years,” said Maj. Justin Smith, […]

St. George fire chief talks fire hazards in student apartments after recent blazes

Smokey Bear has a relevant motto we all know and practice.  The quote “Only you can prevent wildfires” translates from wilderness to your own home and other indoor areas.  The new year brought two fires in apartments surrounding Dixie State University, forcing fire safety off the back burner for students residing in dorms.  The first […]

Millennials with families face unique challenges

The shift in emphasis on gender roles among millennials are having an effect on birth rates. Women make up nearly half of the workforce for the first time in history, which may mean there are more mothers than ever who have less time for their children.  According to babycenter.com, people “will spend almost $10,000 on [a] baby’s first year.” As […]

Fired professor appears in court, fights for evidence

A former tenured theater professor charged with assault appeared in court for the first time after months of delays Wednesday. Varlo Davenport was terminated last year because of a complaint filed by a student in one of his classes. He was accused of pulling the student’s hair and rocking her chair back and forth during […]