Try Something New: Student attempts food challenge at Ancestor Square

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When college students think about the weekend, they think about parties, crazy adventures and lifelong memories. 

Ancestor Square is another magnificent place to make memories and have crazy adventures.

Ancestor Square is a shopping and restaurant area, that’s perfect for a date or even just hanging out with friends. Instead of visiting just one restaurant I tried the appetizer, main dish and dessert challenge.

The challenge consists of going to different places for each part of the meal, and the goal is to try things that you would not normally try. 

I went to Benja’s Thai and Sushi to start my challenge, which is a restaurant that serves sushi and Thai food. This is where I had my appetizer. When I first walked in, I noticed it was very quiet and had a peaceful feel. It was soothing and relaxing. I would definitely recommend this place to students after finals or a stressful day.

I ordered the potstickers, which are a combination of beef and mixed vegetables wrapped in thin dough and deep-fried to perfection. To complete the dish, the server gave me soy sauce to dip them in. I loved being able to dip them in sauce; it made them nice and juicy. 

My main dish was from The Pizza Factory. The feel of that restaurant was laid back and comfortable. It would be a fantastic place for just hanging out with friends. 

I ordered the build your own calzone. I chose six pizza toppings, which were mixed with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, wrapped in pizza dough and baked until golden brown. The finishing touch was dipping them in more tomato sauce.

I love pizza, but calzones are better. They are like pizzas, but without the mess.

Some other options on the menu are pizzas, pastas and a salad bar. The salad bar is cut fresh every day. Also, they have lunch specials every day before 3 p.m.

Lastly, for dessert, I went to the Sweet Tooth Fairy and ordered a strawberry shortcake cupcake.

It was a vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting and topped with a chocolate-dipped strawberry. I honestly love strawberries and combining them with sweets made my day. 

The Sweet Tooth Fairy also make a variety of sweets such as cinnamon rolls, brownies and cakebites. To top it all off, you get a free treat when you come in on your birthday.

Ancestor Square offers other restaurants like the Painted Pony and George’s Corner, as well as shops like The Nook, Bedard Gallery and The Mission Art Gallery. Also, every Saturday it has a local farmer’s market in the morning where guests can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Even if you don’t want to try this challenge, Ancestor Square is a great place to have fun and be with friends. If you really want to try something new in St. George, the food challenge at Ancestor Square is for you.