DSUSA plans ‘free, fun, creative’ Wednes-D activities for students

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Glow in the dark karaoke, drive-in movies and dew pong tournaments are some of the things students can look forward at this semester’s Wednes-D events. 

Dixie State University Student Association plans activities for every student who attends DSU every Wednesday, from freshmen to non-traditional students.

Kendall Pitts, social events chair of DSUSA and a sophomore nursing major from Las Vegas, said Wednes-D activities are for the students.

“We try to plan something free, fun and worth someone taking time out of their day to come to,” Pitts said.

At the Dixie dash event Sept. 2, there were 21 groups that participated and had the chance to win $200. Free Swig drinks were also given as an incentive to get students involved.

Pitts said DSUSA has planned new activities like the Dixie dash and glow in the dark karaoke night this Wednesday. It also plans to bring back activities that have been popular in recent years, such as the lip sync battle and drive-in movie at the old airport.

“Students always show up [to Wednes-D],” Pitts said. 

Cajun Syrett, a freshman communication major from Bryce Canyon City, said he tries to go to activities as often as he can.

“I have tried to set up my schedule to have my Wednesday evenings completely free,” Syrett said.

There are some activities where DSUSA invites the entire community like the drive-in movie.

“I expect well-organized fun with a bang-— something that allows you to leave saying, ‘I had no regrets going to that activity,’” Syrett said. 

DSUSA plans each activity a few months in advance, and each member takes turns planning events, Pitts said.

“The budget comes from student fees, so we really try to respect the money when planning,” Pitts said. “We try not to be wasteful. We have to think about if we were on the other side, would we appreciate DSUSA spending our money the way we do?”

DSUSA has values they abide by when planning activities one is to think big and outside the box, Pitts said. 

“[Being] creative, respecting people’s ideas and respecting our relationships are some of our other values [when planning Wednes-D events],” Pitts said.

   The Wednes-D activity this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. is glow in the dark karaoke in the Gardner Center where there will be free finger food and karaoke.