Viral videos: Love can last a lifetime, flaming vehicles don’t

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I’ll admit I’m a bit behind the times concerning what’s popular, so it was fun sifting through fresh batches of daily viral videos.

My quest for the latest, greatest videos on the Internet took me to viralvideos.com. This site hosts quite the selection of videos based on date posted and genre, so I was able to find something interesting. While moseying through the selections, I came across two different videos: one is sweet, and the other is death-defying. 

“Romantic Man Waits for Wife at Airport”

If you feel that love is dying, stupid and/or overrated, then hopefully this video will renew your faith in romance. The title describes this 30-second clip perfectly as the elderly man is waiting for his wife at the airport with a bouquet of roses. 

The reunion is precious when the wife arrives. The couple joyfully hug and kiss for a few seconds until the husband hands the bouquet to her. She is delighted, and they share one more kiss before the video ends. 

Refinery29, a media website in New York, posted the video on Facebook along with the message, “Hope for romantics everywhere.” I’m sure this can be applied to the non-romantics out there as well.

Now, I’m not a mushy person, but I thought this video was sweet. I don’t see affection like this very often, so I’m glad it still exists. I may be a closeted romantic, but this is worth 30 seconds of your time. It’s all about the love, man.

“Flaming Vehicle Makes EPIC Jump!”

I like excitement, and I also enjoy watching people doing stupid stuff. Top it off with some flames, and I’m sold. This short video has all the ingredients for delightful foolishness.

Basically, a guy drives a burning truck off a cliff and then jumps out into the lake underneath. It’s not as exciting to read about, so I recommend you still watch this, as long as you don’t try it at home.

This video has been reposted by a few pages on Facebook that joked “this is what Alabama boys do on Labor Day!”

Yeah, who needs barbecues on Labor Day when you can just roast your vehicle instead? This makes my Labor Day look like a total snooze-fest. I was out shopping with a friend, but that just wasn’t quite as adventurous.

Remember this piece of wisdom while watching these videos: Love can last a lifetime, but flaming vehicles don’t.