Try Something New: Student explores Southern Utah’s red rocks

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When passing through Southern Utah, the first thing many people notice is its vast area of red rocks.

It’s safe to say that everyone knows what Dixie rock is. You know, the big red rock that says “Dixie” on it? It’s hard to miss.

I know it’s exciting to sit on a big rock with your friends or significant other, but for the adventurous side of me—I found out I like what’s behind Dixie rock even more than the rock itself.

From hiking trails to squeezing through a narrow crack, St. George’s red rocks have a lot to offer when you’re in need of a little adventure.

For a girl with short arms and legs, climbing over large rocks isn’t the most appealing activity to me, but even I enjoy struggling a little bit. On a more positive note, I did receive a good workout mainly because it felt like I was walking through the fiery pits of hell. Sadly, I didn’t receive any compliments on my cute sweat stains and I got a little dehydrated.

To the right side of Dixie rock is a huge crack. When I say huge, I mean vertically, because it’s definitely not huge when you have to scrape your body against the sides of the rock just to get through it.

I’m claustrophobic, so going through this crack wasn’t all that fun for me. But I made it, and I even feel a little bit skinnier. If you’re going to go through this crack, I recommend not carrying anything or bringing a backpack. You will probably get stuck, and that’s just embarrassing.

When you finally make it out of the crack, the best part is trying to find a way back down. I climbed some more rocks and eventually had to slide by butt down to get off. I shouldn’t have worn shorts but that’s okay because I walked away with my legs scratch-free.

I ventured around even more and came across a little hut. It was carved into one of the rocks and had bricks supporting its structure. It also had an entrance and window above it which is pretty sweet, because I can’t even build a house out of popsicle sticks. Whoever built this deserves a round of applause.

If you need a get away or are feeling adventurous, you will always have some rocks to explore in Southern Utah’s backyard.