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International Student Services budget not optimal

With tools such as recruitment trips and digital marketing, a $50,000 annual budget doesn’t quite make the cut in order for International Student Services to do what they need to do. A main aspect of International Student Services is recruiting students from other countries, and in order to do that ISS will foster recruitment trips, […]

Editor’s Note: Being the ‘Voice of Dixie’ is a title, privilege

   Being the “Voice of Dixie” is not just a phrase or hashtag; it’s a title.    As my time as editor-in-chief of a news organization I’ve spent three years with is dwindling down, I’ve been pondering exactly what it means to be a voice.     I chose journalism as my career because I love […]

Editor’s note: Casablanca ad not out of context; Dixie Sun encourages conversation on ad

The Dixie Sun is enthused that a Casablanca ad, that’s been running in our features section for the past few weeks, has sparked conversation. Some concerns have been brought to our attention, such as the ad is borderline advertising prostitution and advertising an event that doesn’t fit the majority age group of Dixie State University’s […]

Double majors, minors impress employers

If studying one field is not enough for you during your college experience, you could consider diving into a minor or enduring a double major. Dixie State University currently allows students to double major or declare a minor. DSU currently has 35 options for minors. Although both are accessible, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. […]

Graduates need to be focus of 2018 commencement

There’s nothing more satisfying in college than the day you graduate. You can finally kiss the in-between goodbye and say hello to being a full-fledged adult in the workforce. Graduation is the most important ceremony/celebration for an institution, but it sure doesn’t feel that way with this year’s commencement at Dixie State University. With graduation […]

DSU names stadium Trailblazer Stadium after ending naming-rights agreement

A mutual decision was made between Dixie State University and Legend Solar to cut ties over the stadium’s naming-rights agreement.  According to a statement released by university officials, the decision was made by both DSU and Legend Solar. The stadium will instead be named Trailblazer Stadium, and the construction of the east-side grandstand is still […]

DSU athletes are expected to present respectful personal appearance at all times

Dixie State University athletes are expected to perform and act their best on the field or court; they’re expected to do and act the same outside of athletics and academia. The DSU Intercollegiate Athletics 2017-2018 Handbook outlines the rules and responsibilities of being a student athlete. The code of conduct section of the handbook discusses […]

Students come forward with frustrations, ask questions about why their professors are on administrative leave

Two professors at Dixie State University have been put on administrative leave this semester, causing students to come forward about their frustrations and raising speculation from the campus community. Professor of Communication Dennis Wignall was put on administrative leave earlier this month, and Glenn Webb, assistant professor of music, was put on administrative leave in […]

Everyone should know self-defense’

While others spent their Valentine’s Day with their loved one, some women from the Dixie State University community spent their afternoon learning to throw punches, use their voice and to stand in protective stances. Ola Kaonohi, a security officer and one of the only officers who has Rape Aggression Defense training at DSU, helped over 30 women […]