D-Crew hopes to increase student support at athletic events

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The Dixie State University D-Crew promotes student involvement, parties, and makes time for service all while showing the most Dixie spirit on campus.

Tyler Nelson, D-Crew co-president and a sophomore health science major from St. George, said D-crew is DSU’s version ofCthe University of Utah’s Muss but better.

One of the main goals of the club members this year is to get students involved by going to all DSU’s sporting events–not just basketball and football, said Jessica Hardy, D-Crew co-president and a sophomore education major from St. George.

“The past few seasons, the student section hasn’t really been packed, and if students are there, they are sitting down,” Hardy said. “We want more support at athletic events.”

The club members encourage students to not only go from class to class, do homework and have the boring college life; they want students to enjoy it, Nelson said.

“(During) my second semester of freshman year, a friend of mine introduced me to D-Crew, and I was just a member,” Nelson said. “That semester went so much better than my first semester, not just with the social aspects, but with grades as well.”

The club also hosts parties and is involved with the tailgates at every home game.

The next party the club is planning is at Sand Hollow Oct. 1. The party is a luau themed with a sound system, games, competitions and a projected movie. The party is free to D-Crew members but also open to any student who wants to come for a fee, which is anywhere from $5-$10.

D-Crew helps put together the tailgate parties with the Alumni Association. The next tailgate is for homecoming week, and Nelson said they are going all out.

“We have a lot of different clubs performing, (and) we have the pep bands coming,” Nelson said. “We’re going to have big prizes with giveaways and raffles.”

Hardy said there will also be a car students can spray paint Azusa Pacific University colors and smash with a hammer at the tailgate.

In addition to hosting parties, the club also encourages service. It plans to put together a 5K in support of families to deliver full Thanksgiving meals. It also wants to team up with Coins for Kids and help with wrapping and delivering Christmas presents.

The club is an organization where members have to go out and get their own sponsors. The club members went out to different businesses this summer to ask for sponsorships, and one of the biggest sponsors is Iceberg Drive Inn.

D-Crew members don’t have to be DSU students. Members of the community, DSU fans and families are encouraged to join.

“We really want to make sure the community is involved with the students and support DSU at athletic events,” Hardy said.

It only cost $25 to join D-Crew, and students get a shirt, free entries to parties, and discounts at local restaurants.

If a student wants to join D-Crew, he or she can sign up at any event that D-Crew is at, such as the tailgate, or they can join online and pay the fee later. The club members are also going to start setting up booths on the diagonal every week to get students involved.