Try Something New: Student tries local Italian ice restaurant

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It’s officially the beginning of fall, but the weather in St. George sure doesn’t let us feel it.

High 100s and low 90s is all it has been the past few weeks, so I don’t know about you, but cold treats are still one of my favorites.

You can drive down St. George Boulevard and probably miss Kilo’s Italian Ice. At the corner of 500 East, a little corner building hides the delicious secret not many people know about.

I walked in and was instantly greeted by one of the co-owners. The atmosphere was so relaxed, and the interior decorations are something I wish I had in my house.

I wasn’t really sure what to get because there were lots of options to choose from like Italian ice, smoothies made out of ice cream and Italian ice drenched with cream.

I was able to sample a few flavors before I made my decision. Black cherry, coconut and caramel apple were a few of the other flavors I tried. I wasn’t a fan of coconut, but black cherry was surprisingly good.

Italian ice by itself does not have very many calories, so I decided to get it drenched in cream. That was the best decision I ever made.

I got peach and piña colada mixed because peach is my favorite. It tasted like peaches and cream.

The best part about the experience was the home-like atmosphere. I sat down to eat my treat and was asked how it was. The co-owner made conversation with me like I was his friend.

The cute decorations surrounding me kept me entertained as I looked around. It wasn’t very busy, but it was busy enough to keep the business flowing. The other customers were of all ages: college students, a man with his son and some ladies running errands. 

Kilo’s is definitely somewhere I will visit again and tell everyone about. I love that it is a start-up business in a smaller town like St. George. It is hard to start a business and keep it around for a while. Kilo’s has been open for about a year and a half and seems to keep good business.

If you want a good treat that’s not your typical soda, head down to Kilo’s. Your taste buds will appreciate you for it.