DSUSA to reveal Dixie Fest headliner, searching for new director

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Members of the Dixie State University Student Association are progressing into the spring after losing their director, dealing with an identity crisis, and trying to plan record-breaking events.

“No regrets” wasn’t just student government’s over-arcing theme for the year — it was also a personal accomplishment for Student Body President Matt Devore, a senior integrated studies major from Mesquite, Nevada.  He also said there’s room for improvement, and he is continuing to push several items on his to-do list like mental health awareness and student fee allocations.

“I will continue learning from my advisers and work toward being the best student body president I can be for the students,” Devore said. 

Another agenda item yet to be crossed off his list is relocating the Multicultural and Diversity Center out of the basement of the Student Activities Center — a plan Devore integrated into his initial campaign for student body president. He said he’s been working with administrators and has discussed moving the center to the Browning Building temporarily until it can have a permanent home in the Gardner Student Center.

Despite losing his director in the midst of fall semester, Devore said members of DSUSA have quickly gotten back into the swing of things. 

Three candidates for the new director of student involvement and leadership have been selected from a pool of applicants. Devore has been involved in the hiring process and said a replacement will be chosen after DSUSA’s recommendation has been sent to human resources.

Devore said losing Jordon Sharp, who’s since taken a new position as DSU’s chief marketing and communication officer, was difficult because he was endeared by many; however, he said everyone else has been able to pick up the slack that was left behind. 

“It’s like we haven’t missed a beat,” Devore said.

Sarah Ramaker, vice president of student life and a senior dance major from Midland, Michigan, said student life’s recurring events have risen by at least 20 percent this year. Although the record-breaking numbers show success, Ramaker said her most rewarding events she organized were those where people left happy.

“I personally measure success by how people felt when they left (DSUSA events), if they made a new friend or connection and if we brought out new people who haven’t been to an event,” Ramaker said.

The student life branch sent out a survey asking students what they want from their activity planners. The majority of the respondents would like to see more events centered around non-traditional students, she said.

The annual spring semester concert is approaching, which has featured artists as big as Macklemore, American Authors and OCD: Moosh and Twist in the past. Ramaker said a performer has been booked for this year’s Dixie Fest and will be announced Saturday at the Toga Dance. 

Some competitive events students can look forward to are Battle of the Sexes, the Lip Sync Battle, Dixie Idol and Mr. Dixie. Ramaker said she’s personally excited about an upcoming Super Bowl party, the Sweethearts Dance, and a potential chocolate slip ‘n’ slide. 

“Keep your eyes open for that one,” she said.

Ramaker said she encourages students to come to student life’s events with an open mind. 

“You get to decide if you have fun in college or not, and not all fun looks the same,” she said.