The Harbor offers self-serve coffee bar, relaxation

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The Harbor is the “new kid” on the college scene, with a twist on the traditional coffee shop hangout.

Nestled just north of Dixie State University’s campus at 29 North 700 East, The Harbor is a self-serve coffee bar, with additional offering in the form of hot chocolate and tea. 

In accordance with the nautical name of The Harbor, the blue-gray walls and dark wood furniture try to bring the sea to this landlocked state. Soft music plays in the background, and track lighting keeps The Harbor well-lit for studying students.

With the tables of various sizes to leather couches ready for university students to sit on them, The Harbor opened for business a week and a half ago.

The twist is that the drinks are free.

There are suggested donations for the different drinks, but it isn’t a requirement to getting a drink there.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a while,” Amargo said .  “I want to promote community, not profit off the students.”

A graduate of DSU himself, Amargo came to St. George from San Diego. Over the 10 years he and his wife have lived here, Amargo said, “St. George has become my town” and wants to keep building up the community.

St. George resident Matthew Garrett Becker was a part of the group of volunteers that helped bring Amargo’s vision of The Harbor to come to life.

“I was involved in building, the painting, really, I’ve been involved since the inception of the project,” Becker said.

Becker said he and friends like to get together and play role-playing table top games and that The Harbor made a great place to hang out and chill, whether with friends or alone.

Thursday nights are particularly busy nights, Amargo said, with a bible study group at 7 p.m. Afternoons after lunch being another time where the tables tend to fill up with studying or relaxing students taking a break in-between school and work.

Sienna Bouziane, a freshman integrated studies major from Thousand Oaks, California, volunteers to come in and help straighten up the self-serve coffee bar, and said she likes to just spend time at The Harbor.

“My favorite time to come is 8 or 9 o’clock after my first class ends,” Bouzinane “Sometimes I just bring my breakfast in and relax.”

Amargo said making a safe harbor for university students to come and relax was the main goal behind his dream of The Harbor. He wants to encourage events like poetry readings, and local musicians to come perform, with a sound system ready to welcome those musicians.

With a safe place to come, rest and recharge, Amargo said he hopes students will be better able to go out and face their everyday responsibilities.

Amargo extended an open invitation to DSU students, and wanted everyone to know that they were welcome to come and find a safe place at The Harbor.