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Raped while attending DSU: Sexual assault causes victim to leave DSU

A Dixie State University student transferred away because she did not feel safe after she was sexually assaulted in off-campus housing.  Alannah, who chose to only be identified by her first name, was a student at Dixie State University a year ago. Like many victims, she knew the person who assaulted her — she had […]

Religion encourages sexual-assault victim blaming at DSU

Incidents of rape hit harder when there is a face connected to the heartbreak. However, when it comes to victims of sexual assault, we usually can’t get a picture of who is affected. This makes sense, as it was for the victims’ own privacy and continued protection. But when we discuss things like rape, domestic […]

Book Nook: ‘Undocumented and in College’ brings immigration issues to life

I’ve never considered how undocumented immigrants get into college. “Undocumented and in College: Students and Institutions In A Climate of National Hostility,” edited by Terry-Ann Jones and Laura Nichols, is a book that looked to expand on the scholarly paper “Immigrant Students National Position Paper,” which was published by the Jesuit higher education system. I […]

Booth stresses importance of DSU athletics despite rising costs

The cost of running the athletic program at Dixie State University is rising. DSU spent an average of $5,603,200 between 2013-2016. However, the average revenue for the athletic program for those four years was $5,677,294, for a net gain of $74,093.    Jason Boothe, executive director of athletics, clarified details concerning aspects of the athletic […]

In pageant trenches: All is well that ends well

D-Queen is over and I didn’t get a crown. In one of the more high-stress days of my life, I ran between the newsroom and pageant participation. Three hours of dress rehearsal on Monday hadn’t instilled a ton of confidence in me and I was running low on sleep. Also, the tan shoes I needed […]

Book Nook: ‘The Edge of the Abyss’ entertaining, unusual read

Imagine a future where pirates’ attacks are foiled by bio-engineered monsters. “The Edge of the Abyss” by Emily Skrutskie is the second book in a series, with “The Abyss Surrounds Us” being the first book. Now, I don’t normally review serial books for my column, but this one I’ve made an exception for since the […]

In pageant trenches: D-Queen pageant offers opportunity to confront body image

Shapewear is a girl’s best friend, not diamonds. I am sort of kidding. Before joining the D-Queen pageant, I didn’t even own shapewear, which is tight-fitting undergarment intended to control and shape the figure. This omission came not out of any sense of overwhelming body positivity mind you, but the lack came more from laziness […]

In pageant trenches: Dance practice bruise ego, beat feet

My feet feel pulped. After a relaxing spring break, I thought I was completely ready to take on the D-Queen choreography workshop. I’d looked at the practice video the organizers sent, halfheartedly swished my arms in a couple attempts to try the dance, and then figured I could simply learn it on the spot and […]

Book Nook: ‘Catherine of Braganza’ engaging

History is more interesting when spiced with royal drama.  “Catherine of Braganza: Charles II’s Restoration Queen” by Sarah-Beth Watkins is a short biography of Queen Catherine of England, who reigned from 1662-1685. Her marriage to King Charles II, a king on shaky ground as he had previously been usurped, was an alliance match. The book […]